About Us

Founded in 2007, Versatile Photographers brings together a unique team of professional photographers and videographers who produce priceless photos and videos. We have appealing ideas and accompanying creativity to deliver professional and quality service to our clients.

We specialize in both contemporary and candid photography and are fast making a name in the industry with our elegant and artistic style in the creation of our work.  The passion we have for photography and video has lead us to venture into various fields of photography including social events, corporate function, architecture, wildlife, scenery, feature sand documentaries.

We are committed to being the leading photography and video around the globedelivering quality and affordable images to our clients.

We endeavour to assist our clients in communicating the intended message and preserve the art in any image through our creative and inspired photos and videos whilst ensuring quality and affordability of our products.


Passion; we are enthusiastic and keen in all aspects of our work

Reliability; we are dedicated to delivering our services consistently to ensure our clients’ success

Creativity; we like to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation in our work

Excellence; we are consistent in our work and strive for quality and distinction at all times.

Technology and Equipment
We have invested in the most recent technology with high definition cameras for video filming to provide broadcast quality sound and images.  Our photos are taken with high-resolution cameras with over 24 mega pixels to ensure they have crystal clear clarity and precision, to be used in various forms including advertising materials.

Our team of photographers, videographers, editors and designers has over 15 years combined experience in producing quality and creative work in photos and videos.  Our multitalented team is forever pushing the boundaries of innovation to turn the haziest of ideas into functional, creative and eye-catching images.

Our reputation is built around the satisfaction of our clients based on the superior level of quality in our products. Our keenness for detail means we always strive to capture every moment perfectly as it happens.  Our intention is to keep up with our quality service and professionalism to keep our current clients happy and attract more customers, with continuous improvement so as to never become predictable.

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    Hello, am encouraged by The founder’s story and i’d like to be part of you

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