Your network is your net-worth


If you missed out on the wedding workshop, this is how it went down……. Most of the people think wedding photography is just about photos, n0 its not. Now someone will ask, “So what is wedding photography about?”  Here are some tips that the attendance got from the wedding workshop facilitated by Willy Muturi of Willy Muturi Photography.

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Willy Muturi CEO of Willy Muturi Photography

Wedding photography is about, Thinking of good poses, Having fresh and creative ideas, Thinking of your marketing and how you do your pricing. All this depend on each other in wedding photography. If you have one but miss the other then you loose chances and potential clients i.e if you have fresh ideas but you don’t market yourself then you are as good just to yourself.  Taking about marketing, many people will take “I don’t know people” as their excuse for not marketing themselves. You will notice this is not a problem when you realise you know your family, then your neighbours, then your friends and with time also realise social media is the in thing for marketing. with time you also get referrals then you now realise you know so many people after all who can push your brand. So whats a brand? Its an identity or description of who you are and what you do. Marketing will help you explain your brand to your audience and this is what you should always protect, your brand.

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You can work for a few rich people or many other people.

After Marketing your clients will now start coming and you will get stuck when you are asked about pricing if you don’t critically thing about it. Whats important is have a starting point for your pricing (have a list of packages if you can). Sometimes clients will need discounts thats why you should make your pricing wisely. For weddings as much as you want to stick to your packages pricing, know what you client budget is and try working around it if its manageable as long as you know and stick to your terms.

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Create your own scene and capture every small details

When thinking of your poses in wedding photography you can be creative in your own way with your poses but also do what your client wants (they are always right).Its also important to understand your clients according to age and interest. You should always know that small details that may not matter to you matters to others, so be selfless and open minded. According to how much time you may have at the wedding, If you have a chance, create your own scene and capture every small details for your client’s and your own business’ sake.

Be creative and have new ides. Do same day delivery, live tweeting and story type engagement shoots. Have you heard about OTG cable? Its a cable that helps you do live tweeting. Have a website, do blogs, online galleries, VLOGS(video Blogs). Attend expos and events to network. (BNI,LYP, Social gathering e.t.c)

Your network is your net-worth

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