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A baby’s innocence and smile can bring truce among rivals. This beauty has to be documented when the baby is still young because it can act as a reminder when they grow up. In addition, the photos can beautify the house and entertain guests when they come over at your place. However, you need quality pictures and a professional photographer who can capture the candid moments.


As a photographer you also need to have amazing baby photography skills that will make you standout from other photographers. If you have a kid, make her a model. The continuous practice will make you a pro in the field.


Currently, there are few baby photographers in the world because babies are believed to be complicated and unpredictable models albeit their naivety and ignorance. Although, there’s a niche in baby photography for those who know how to entertain kids because they get bored very fast.


Parents should also take photos of their babies because of various reasons. Personally, I don’t know how I used to look like when I was a baby, and it’s frustrating. May be I had a big head and yellow hair which scared everybody around me. Anyway, who knows?


People need to document their life because you are only a baby once and growing old is inevitable. Did you know that for many years the preferred age for babies to be photographed was 3 months and that Newborn photography has only been around for a number of years? Not many people are aware of the benefits of Newborn Photo shoot, so, if you are having any doubts about whether your newborn is ready for a shoot or not, here are some interesting facts:

  • Babies have the ability to sleep longer than everybody else.
  • 12809519_1111630662227145_6535848284187924925_nWithin the first 2 weeks of being born, they still have the fetal position, which means, putting them into different poses are far more easier
  • You tend to capture all the tiny detail than you forget over time.  Those tiny toes, perfect little hands, hair detail, eyelashes, lips, you name it!
  • 12814153_1106369172753294_5141021738086663243_nPhotographers that specialize in Newborns, tend to put a lot of effort into the types of shots they take, the variety of poses and also the different types of props they use.  This is very time consuming, which means there isn’t a set time when the shoot should be over, so no rushing to get the next customer in.
  • Babies have an honest smile which makes them the best models to work with.


New parents should also be choosy when it comes to photographers. Not all photographers can take good care of your kid. Kids are delicate and sensitive to some stuff. According to More Than Mummies, these tips will help you get a good baby photographer.


  • When choosing your Photographer, always make sure they have got experience in working with babies.
  • Ensure you know what’s to expect and what your package has to offer you. Ask questions about how many images you get on a disk, if the photos will be printed or mounted, if not, how much the prints and mounts will cost, etc.  Many photographers tend to ask a Minimum charge for the photo shoot, but when it comes to choosing the pictures that you love, they end up asking you an arm and a leg – always ask before you book.


  • Send the photographer examples of what you want or what you love, they then have a story board to work from



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