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Poaching is a menace. A threat to the existence of the economy of Kenya. And not only Kenya, but also all countries that depend on tourism as a source of revenue. The facilitators of this illegal activity are rich men and women amidst us, powerful people holding respectable seats. But it’s a huge shame that we sometimes look away and sweep this issue under the carpet. On 30.4.2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a strong public statement to the world that Kenya will not support ivory trade. This statement was met by a share fair of applause and criticism. At Versatile Photographers, we choose to support this bold move to conserve our wildlife for future generations.


‘I have two boys. And I would want them, 10,15 years from now, to visit a game park and see an elephant. I wouldn’t wish for them to hear in stories that elephants once existed. If that ever happens, we will have failed terribly.’ -David Macharia, the pioneer of the #savewildlife campaign


The #worthmorealiveexhibition was launched on 3rd May 2016 at Hazina Towers, 9th Floor. The cocktail launch party was nothing short of pomp and glamor. From our elegantly dressed guests to an artistically arranged exhibition layout, amazing would be an understatement; colorful photos hanging from boards and on walls. This is indeed like a tour inside the park.


The event was graced by citizens from all walks of life; businesspeople, community leaders, social entrepreneurs, students among many others. But the common element amongst them all was that all are passionate about conserving our wildlife for future generation. Among in attendance were Ziki the Band who did an electrifying performance. Social entrepreneur, activist, patriot and award-winning photojournalist, Mr Boniface Mwangi graced the launch too. It was a great honor to have his organization ‘Pawa254’ be one of the partners of the #savewildlife campaign.


The guest of honor, Mr John Mugendi from Kenya Wildlife Service expressed sheer support from the Kenya Wildlife Service. He noted that great photography goes a long way in expressing the beauty that the country holds in its game parks. “Why not now start organizing a project called ‘Photography in the wild?’ A sensitization project to make Kenya trend worldwide as a hotbed of wonderful and rich flora and fauna.”


In his short speech, Mr David Macharia noted that African wildlife photographers are very few, and the need to tell the story of our nature through whichever form of art.


The #worthmorealive exhibition will run for one week till 7th May 2016, showcasing Kenya in her beautiful colors of nature. Nicely mounted, framed and canvas photo prints will be sold starting from Ksh 2500. Proceeds from this initiative will go directly towards saving our wildlife.


Saving our animals from extinct is a responsibility upon all of us that we owe the future generations.

Let us all do our small thing in the fight against poaching. Inform the authorities of any ivory trafficking. Let’s visit our parks and see the beauty nature beholds


More information about this global campaign can be found on our website http://savewild.co.ke/.

Lets make this trend on social media with the hashtags #savewildlife #worthmorealive #worthmorealiveexhibition #watchwildonlineandinline

Choose to stand up for the fight against poaching.

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