Why I started Africa Genesis

When you visit River Road, you will find young men in a ditch somewhere with metals watching the Githurai matatus pass by. On the other hand, our estates are filled with jobless gamers who think the world is a crazy place to live in and nothing fruitful comes out it.

The country holds massive talent and entrepreneurial skills that is never tapped. So who will develop this talent? Who will encourage these young people? The answer is in our disposal; the people to change our world and make it a better place is us. We hold the mantle of passing success from one person to another. Uplifting the spirit of entrepreneurship in our society should be our daily anthem.

I came from a humble background but my dream never vanished. I couldn’t afford all the fancy stuff, fancy clothes, shoes and a beautiful home. Now, I can count my blessings with a smile because my business is growing every day and I can go anywhere with the help of my Visa.

Ordinarily, my mind is like a hub of ideas that keep growing every day.  Mentoring young people in my school is something that makes me wake up very early in the morning.


Business gurus were never born rich; they started from somewhere. It’s just like kite…the paper has to slide on the surface before flying up in the sky. The piece of paper doesn’t do that alone, someone has to pull it and apply some force for it to gain momentum and fight the force of gravity. The same principle can be applied in life because everybody needs that someone to pull them up to them up in the sky and be successful.

As a young man I envisioned myself as being one of the most successful personnel in the country. I had nobody to mentor me but I always looked up to my elders who were doing well in life. I helped my father with his business and every day I learnt one or two things as I struggled my way up in Gikomba.

Over dependence on government jobs or formal employment is killing our economy. That’s the reason why people go on the streets and start shouting ‘Haki Yetu’ when they should be building or creating something.

So, let’s employ ourselves; let’s join hands and encourage one another to uplift entrepreneurship in the country.


I believe the Facebook guys got the techie idea from thoughts and talent.  Mark got the idea when he was in college. I discovered that people liked sending photos when he tried submitting his test and opting not to write his name, but use his photo instead. Now, the whole school followed his witty idea and started doing the same. Within no time, everybody was sending photos with captions and Facebook is now multibillion company driving the New York Stock Exchange market.

“I will never be poor again because I have learnt the principles of business,” Munroe says. “I can say without a doubt that what I have accomplished is based on principles passed on to me by my parents. You should never build your life on facts or techniques because these often become obsolete,” he cautions. “For you to survive today, you must accept the reality of partnerships. If someone emerges as my competition today, I am not supposed to kill them, but marry them,” he states. “Do not curse a crisis; use it. Every business is a solution to a crisis. Develop the capacity to solve a problem and you will become a successful entrepreneur.”

There’s more to talent than just shouting in a theatre hall or shouting in front of a microphone. A doctor can use his or her talent to create jobs. The same goes to teachers; a teacher can decide to be a photographer and empower a million youths.

I learnt a number of things that must be considered by Kenyans: Poverty is not lack of money, but the lack of ideas. In addition, be in control of your mind, thoughts, perception and mentality to respond to change. For your consideration, you can also take this to the bank: Initiate something, do not wait for things to be done.

Africa Genesis

African Genesis is a platform that uses talk shows and other audio-visual avenues to mentor young entrepreneurs. The show allows established business men and women can narrate their stories.

We are driven by entrepreneurship, leadership and mentorship. If you wish to be part of this revolution, send us your story.



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