What you can do in the Wild

There’s a huge need to conserve our wildlife and that was epitomized the day I visited the Kenya Wild Service and got a chance to witness first hand experience of their products. The park houses a number of cool places to hang out with friends and family. Besides that, companies can place a booking in case they want to do their team building stuff or conferences.

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I believe this is the only country where lions and human beings can complain about the traffic. Just the other day, six lions decided to take a walk around town and found the reason why Kenyans never visit the park; traffic. Today, another lion decided to tour Mombasa. Believe you me he was mesmerized when he saw a fleet of cars at a standstill. Well, this is only in Kenya.



Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character & it may confidently be asserted that he who to cruel to animals cannot be a good man.


It’s always fun to go out with friends and put up a bonfire; shout your voices out or whisper stories under a tree or in a bush. Then in the middle of the night a rhino puts the bonfire off with its huge legs or monkeys steal your food. It’s the best experience right? Nairobi National Park has incredible camping sites which offer amazing packages that incredibly are cheap. Ironical right? From Isukuti Guest House to the Big Hut, these guys are simply the best.

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Special events

As provided by the title, KWS offers special events which can only be viewed on National Geographic Channel or Discovery World. Now, here is the thing; this holiday visit the park and you will be blown away…literally blown away by the wind when you climb the hills.



Game viewing

Kenya Wildlife Service has facilities across the country where you can interact with wild animals. KWS says, “the accommodation facilities in Meru National Park provide a unique and enchanted experience of viewing among the over 300 bird species, diverse flora and fauna with the Big 5 being sighted in this park. Park highlights include:beautiful landscapes and views of Mount Kenya’s 14 permanent rivers.One can also View the following Wildlife:lion, gazelle, leopard cheetah, elephant, giraffe, hippo.”




Now, this will go a long way if you want to propose to your girlfriend because the wild offers the best serene where you can whisper your romantic words silently into her ear as the birds chirp in the air. Kenya Wild Service has your back since they have cottages, guest houses, huts and an open field where you can play hide and seek when you get bored in the wild.


Somebody said,”everything from the humble woodlouse to specks of dust moving through a ray of sunlight. Each tells a story.”

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Photos taken by David Macharia

Story written by Sharon Faith



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  1. mariong

    Our country is rich in various wildlife which attracts tourists from all over the world. Let’s be counted for preserving our natural heritage and have fun while doing it! The photos are great!

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