What is commercial photography?

Many people walk around with a camera claiming to be professional photographers. So, what does it take to be a commercial photographer? Firstly, Commercial photography is taking pictures for commercial use in adverts, merchandising, and product placement. Commercial photography is also used in corporate stuff like placing photos on brochures and leaflets, menus in cafes and restaurants.


Photographers are now used by companies to market and promote products. In this digital age, people get attracted to creatively captured and documented visuals. In addition, digital marketing has also taken the advertisement industry by storm therefore forcing companies to employ photography in digital marketing.


Product sales

This can be referred as product photography; photographers normally come up with creative shots of a particular product like Samsung which can be used on billboards or any print outlet. Product commercial photography reveals the detail and feel of a product to the customer, while advertising commercial photography is more likely to focus upon the status and attractions of the product.


Individual or business promotion

People approach photographers to promote and sustain a business or an institution. According to Steves, there is a difference between commercial photography, which is often performed in a studio or isolated environment, and industrial photography, which often takes place on the site or factory floor. Most commercial photography professionals will not take on  an industrial photographic shoot.


Fashion photography

Fashion photography is growing very fast in the country. We have renown photographers who are contracted by modelling agencies and advertisement companies to capture amazing photos. For example; Versatile Photographers has an online platform called Africa Stock Images that allow photographers to sell their photos online. There are a range of styles and techniques in commercial fashion photography, from catalogue photographs which attempt to show the entire detail of clothing, to editorial shots, which attempt to use the clothes in unusual and dynamic ways.



Family portraits and wedding portraits by professional photographers remain the most lucrative areas in the industry. For example Versatile Photographers developed a good niche in portrait photography. The company has invested in high-tech equipment that capture the best photos. Ideally, family portraits and wedding photographs are popular, so it is important to understand how to light the human body, and to arrange families into traditional or fashionable poses


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