Wedding photography tips

Wedding photography has many things involved; starting from early preparations to evening parties. If you are not prepared, you will be screwed! You need to formulate a good plan and a flexible schedule to suit the unpredictable event. Tell you what…you never know what to expect when you are shooting a wedding ceremony; the car might breakdown, the rain might spoil the moment, the bride might start crying in the middle of the ceremony and the most extreme newsflash is when an ex boyfriend attends the ceremony, then everything turns upside down – that should never happen.


However, it’s your duty as a photographer to put a smile on your face and capture the best traits of the guests and the newly weds.

Follow these tips:


As a photographer, you should put on comfortable shoes and clothes since you’re going to walk like you wouldn’t believe as on a wedding day.


Meet the bride before the wedding

Remember, this beautiful lady spent her whole life fantasizing how her wedding day should be, so it’s important to get her side of the story or her cute parts. You can even bring some sample photos to the meeting and have her select a few poses she really wants.  Write down the bride’s shot list and mark each one off on wedding day.  Generally, I have my own must have shots.



Play around with the lenses

A massive piece of lens might give people technical knockouts because it will be allover the crowded place. Take note; if you notice that you aren’t getting the bride and groom to relax and interact with each other while you’re taking photos, the best thing you can do is to switch to a longer lens and crawl back. The couple will naturally begin to interact with each other and you’ll be able to get the shot since you’re out of their way.


Get directions right

You must get the directions right. This tip should probably be the first on the list because many photographers always find themselves in a forest somewhere trying to guess directions. Please don’t get lost, you might spoil the whole ceremony. “YOU DON’T WANT TO GET THE BRIDE MAD.”

Wedding dresses should maintain the white color


I don’t know why people prefer white, but whatever the reason, a photographer must dial in some positive exposure compensation. The camera might see the white dress and think it’s bright, but it isn’t bright–it’s just white. Your camera will compensate for this large “bright” spot in the photo and makes the exposure of the dress too dark.

Second shooter

It’s definitely worth the money to hire another photographer to work with on the wedding day. The photos will be better, you’ll have a second set of gear in case of disaster, and you’re extremely unlikely to miss the shot.

Never run out of memory

Always carry enough cards for insurance.

Get all the details

If you are shooting the bride’s dress, make sure those tiny holes and accessories can be seen. The bride has spent months preparing every tiny little detail, and she will appreciate photos of each of those thing.


Shoot the landscape at the event before the wedding

Learn to work with natural light



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