We can only protect ourselves from climate change effects by conserving the environment

Climate change has affected many farmers in the country since the country depends on agriculture for its growth, and most Kenyans get their livelihood from farming. According to reports, Kenya needs about US $500 million per year to address current and future climate change effects by 2016. It is predicted this figure will rise to US $1-2 billion per year by 2030. Unless effective mitigation and adaptation systems are immediately instituted, the combined effects of climate change impacts will hinder realization of targeted goals in Vision 2030.

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Fair-trade is raising awareness on climate change amongst producer organizations, and supporting them to develop adaptation plans. Through expert technical support, field schools, and demonstration sites, producers are learning how to implement adaptation measures in their own farms and communities. Fair-trade producer networks are coordinating the projects and supporting farmers to share best practices.

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Fair-trade is also offering training on climate change in the country. A good number of women have benefited from the initiative since they started coming up with nursery beds in a move to curb climate change in the country. Through the initiative, biogas stoves were provided in the communities.

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We need to conserve our environment by giving our God given gift priority. Our forests need to be protected by discouraging tree cutting and other harsh factors that might affect our forests.


Climate change threats

The widespread poverty, recurrent droughts, floods, inequitable land distribution, overdependence on rain-fed agriculture, and few coping mechanisms all combine to increase people’s vulnerability to climate change. For instance, disadvantaged people have little security against intense climatic actions. They have few resource reserves, poor housing and depend on natural resources for their living.

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Floods and droughts have caused damage to property and loss of life, reduced business opportunities and increased the cost of transacting business as recently witnessed in most parts of the country. According to Eriksen etal 2008, IPCC 2007a, Climate change and variability are considered to be major threats to sustainable progress. The areas likely to feel the greatest impacts comprise the economy, water, ecosystems, food security, coastal zones, health and the distribution of populations and settlements. Africa is considered vulnerable to climate change- effects largely due to lack of financial, institutional and technological capacity.

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It is important for the Government to invest in broadening and strengthening the requisite scientific and technological capacity if the atmospheric resources are to be efficiently controlled in order to meet the ambitious targets outlined in Vision 2030. This is in respect of the useful but scarce role local knowledge and traditional management strategies play in militating against and adapting to climate change and changeability.


The country needs also to pass tight regulations on tree cutting in order to protect our heritage. Kenyans have the mandate of supporting positive environment conservation initiatives.



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