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Open forums brings out a realistic perceptive in a school or any institution that wants to encompass different pillars that can build up a successful person. Versatile School of Photography gives students an opportunity to interact with the creme de la creme photographers in the game. The school is not only giving students professional and practical knowledge on photography and video, but also opens up an entrepreneurial mindset in a student. After the two months of vigorous training, one can open a shop and start selling professional services to clients. Well, to sharpen the skills, open forums create an ideal environment.


Personally, I think many photographers get sidelined by what the world has to offer than what they can offer to get something in return. Every click on the camera has to bring out a story or an outstanding art that can sell or be appreciated by other people.


To spice it up, let’s take a detour and enter my little world of storytelling. My friend has a Canon EOS 5D, Mark III, well, I have no idea where he got it. The guy is a prolific photographer and every still image he takes has a hidden literature in it. Unfortunately, the he doesn’t know how to turn his skills into something that can bring food on the table. He lives in a shanty and his camera is all covered with tape but the lens and other internal facets are fine. Ideally, his skills complemented with the camera can make him live a lavish life in a high end estate. In the spirit of pulling up a brother, I gave him David Macharia’s number. Professional photographers have an open heart to help one another.


Versatile School of Photography embraces professionalism and that’s why they have a well structured program. The school has an open forum that mounts incredible skills to students.

Challenges facing photographers.

Challenges are many in photography. Most photographers are threatened by the growing competition. It’s estimated that more than 3.7 trillion photographs have been taken since the start of this century. So how do you stand out as a photographer? Currently, people take photos with their smartphones and in case a person acquires a digital camera, they don’t stray far from automatic settings and pre-programmed editing filters. However, if you want to build a professional profile in photography and video, you need to obtain skills from a good school, and not just a school, but a school that will help you interact with professionals who have struggled to build a strong foundation.

Versatile School of Photography has open forums that help students package their unique skills perfectly. With the help of other photographers, students are equipped with skills to lead from the front.


Photography as a profession

Photography is the only profession that allows you to earn on the go. The open forums are important since students are mentored by other photographers who have made it in the field and their brands are unbreakable. The term ‘professional’ has over the years been misused by people who take weird photos and get paid without taking into consideration the fact that photography and video are inclusive of other aspects like post production and extra packages like mounting. Small details in the art attracts clients.

From Versatile, one learns that photography is more than pointing, clicking, and photoshopping and, as with any subject, becoming a professional requires a lot of study and research.



Dealing with clients must be considered. So how do you deal with your clients? Professionalism and work ethics is very important for a photographer. Photographers deal with clients directly and those clients are also photographers since they have smartphones that have cameras. It takes patience for one to take control of a photo session or any interaction between a photographer and a client. Versatile students are taught work ethics and other skills that will put a smile on a client’s face.


Photographers have a tendency of loosing photos or corrupting a file with a computer virus. So, it’s important to have a backup. Well, thanks to Versatile School of Photography students can explore, learn and inspire.



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