Versatile School of Photography graduation day

Versatile Photographers graduation is not just a ceremony, but a learning and networking session. Grandaunts got the privilege of interacting with some of the most respected photographers in the region and photography service providers like Snapshot Kenya.


Versatile School of Photography had the opportunity of certifying forty students with photography and video certificates. These students had exemplary results and some of them are already making money through photography. Others are planning to establish photography studios across the country.


By the way, the school opened new horizons for students to get more friends in East Africa because the school got students from Tanzania and other places in East Africa. Well, ground breaking production houses are built through such connections because a single hand is never enough in establishing something concrete.


The ceremony was chaired by Alex Gabriel who was quit influential in making the audience entertained with wise sayings and humor. “Photographers have the ability to shoot people and hang them. We are giving you those certificates because you have qualified to go out there to shoot people and hang them. Afterwards, the shooter will be paid for a good job of shooting and hanging.” Alex said.


The ceremony was graced by Ms Caroline Ngina who gave a remarkable and informative talk on entreneaurship. The talk was an eye opener to grandaunts because most them were entering the job market, or rather photography industry which is very competitive in the world. The talk touched on many aspects concerning entrepreneurship and qualities of a good business mind. “If you want to start something, start now; don’t ever procrastinate or postpone actions because time wasted can never be recovered.” Commented Ngina.


The event was also sponsored by photography companies like Nikon who recognized the good work that Versatile School of Photography is doing. The best students received awards which included gift vouchers and camera accessories. The cameras accessories will help the upcoming photographers kick start their career on a smooth bearing since photography and video is not cheap.


The students were also given a chance to give their testimonials which was positive and educative. “We have learnt a lot from our facilitators and fellow students. We came to realize that photography is not just about pointing and shooting stuff, but it’s about telling a story with the help of lens that brings out a masterpiece.

With the knowledge that I have received, I am confident that I can open up shop and take professional photos that can sell across the world. I would like to thank everybody who made our dream come to fruition.” Esther Kanja said.

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