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These are pictures usually printed on a solid board of different sizes depending on your need and finished with a black edge. They are easy to maintain and carry around since they are not as delicate as the framed photos. Our workshop is dedicated to set up mounts which are sold in different places of the continent for awareness and funding purposes.

A mounted picture Agama lizard captured at Maasai Mara National Park. Photo: David Macharia



The pictures are printed on a special type of cloth used as the surface which is very easy to maintain and also very efficient moving it from one place to another. The photos printed on canvas have a high selling value, which is portable and displays the artistic value intended.


A picture of a squirrel printed on a canvas displayed during an exhibition. Photo: David  Macharia


Framed pictures that are edged with a decorative usually wood and this is intended to enhance the look and make it easy to display. Unlike mounts and canvas the frames are delicate and can easily break if mishandled.

Picture frames of different subjects hanged on the wall to add statement to your space. Photo: David Macharia



People still appreciate the long gone post card method of showing appreciation. Our cards have amazing photos printed on them. The cards are used in many things e.g. as house or office desk decorations.

A design sample of a post card with a view of Nairobi city. Photo: David Macharia 






All the images are available for sale at Versatile adventures office in canvas, frames, post cards and wooden mounts. Make your order now


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Kiiru Tyson


Versatile School of Photograhy





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