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It’s every girl’s dream to have a colorful wedding, well most men are always confused about the whole thing though. To cover it all, a wedding crowns a persons marriage in style – so, it’s important for it to be a masterpiece that everybody can live to remember. Versatile Photographers has amazing packages that will help you keep that incredible memory.


Early morning Make up photography

Robert Gately said. “Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.” Now, consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…your beautiful face sparkles forever, or that young cute smile stays alive for more than 100 years and the perfectly styled hairstyle is stored forever. How is that possible? Well, Versatile Photographers got you covered. On the wedding day, the company always strive to get up early to take those fabulous morning shots. The photographers usually organize a morning photo-session where the bride and her family are captured. Ideally, the photographers are trained to get the best candid shots when the makeup artists are busy working on the bride or the groom.


A picture is worth a thousand words and each click on the camera must capture an image that can tell a story. Natural light always works best in photography. When taking pictures outside, it’s important to remember the best time to take photos. Midday lighting is often too harsh because it can cast dark shadows under the eyes and around the nose, and that’s why Versatile Photographers will knock on your door at 4 in the morning.

Church photography

Weddings always have amazing sense of art that is authentic and can not be confused with any other art gallery in the world. Wedding facilitators always come up with creative ways of decorating their decor. Versatile Photographers always get exited when they bump into good art display. The photographers will make sure they get essential details in the church.


However, church photography is always tricky because of the dullness, quietness and low light can affect a photographer. It’s important for to play around with the shutter speed and ensuring that the tripod is steady. Technically, shooting a church using a wide-angle lens can cause problems with converging verticals, where vertical lines and objects in the frame appear to be leaning rather than being straight. You can minimize the effect by shooting from further away and by keeping the camera level – sort of. Versatile has invested heavily on appropriate lights to be used in the church, so all special moments will be captured in a very unique way. Church ceremonies always call for special lenses that do not block or create unfavorable environment between the photographer and guests. At the church, the photographers always arrange the weds and relatives for some photos in the church.

Photo session

Photographers always take advantage of photo sessions…if you don’t have good skills in portrait photography or you don’t know how to make people happy – please don’t attend these sessions. Versatile Photographers led by David Macharia always carry everything as far as photography equipment is concerned. The company has the best lights, cameras, stands and skilled photographers who will make the session a masterpiece. Best moments are always captured and memories packaged in the most ideal way. The photo session is always fun and the couple with the bridal party are always tailored into professional models.



It’s the photographer’s job to make sure the bride looks beautiful on her wedding day. In addition, it’s the photographer’s job to document the whole event and create the best family portraits as well the guest’s. The reception is always packed with festivities, dances, speeches and an atmosphere filled with joy. It’s the photographer’s work to get the special moments at the reception.


Versatile photographers always get at the reception earlier to snap the beautifully erected decor and set. All the centerpieces, candles if any, bouquets on the tables, stemware and silverware, wineglasses and champagne flutes and the beautifully dressed guests are captured. To get the whole concept, photographers always position themselves in strategic positions to get the best view. To wind it up, the company has a portable photo-booth…if you have no idea what this is, don’t worry. A photo-booth is always housed with amazing props. The booth is placed in strategic places where the couple and friends can enjoy a photo session in it. How promising is that? The booth is normally thematic. If the bride wants the booth to be pink…pink it is.

Evening shoot

Just like photo session, evening shoots are always fun. Versatile photographers document the golden orb setting on the horizon and the magnificent rays of the sun are used to light up the amazing couple. The sunset and the couple always create the best piece of art. In addition, the shoot can also take place in a honeymoon suite and the photographers will come up with artistic ways of capturing the ambiance of the room and the newly weds.


Evening party

This is always FUN…FUN…FUN and more fun. Photography complemented with video always film the best in evening parties. The funny dance styles, the drunk uncles and friends, the happy moments will be photographed.


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