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Besides being versatile in our production, we have gone ahead and embraced technology to enhance our productivity as a Photography company. We house some of the most sophisticated equipment that gives our clients hands-on services.

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Most companies prefer webcasting to convey information from one place to another. Ideally, this is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners.


Webcasting is already being employed by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. Versatile Photographers uses streaming or on-demand videos in numerous ways like;

  • Offer live-motion training classes and product information to your customers, partners and employees

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  • Use the technology to illustrate and promote your products and services


  • Make live announcements, host online meetings, or spread awareness about various events to promote your services or products

Streaming events is cost effective in many ways since people don’t have to physically move from one region to another. The system makes it easy for a company to reduce the distance due to globalization. There are numerous benefits that can be gained by employing this remarkable technology. Our engagement and interactivity tools will further engage your audience prior, during, and after your event.


Benefits of webcasting

  • Wider audiences: The system allows an individual or a company to reach many people in different geographical location. The biggest benefit is that you can dramatically widen access to information and events. For training employees or sub-contractors, everyone can receive the same training and information at the same time – which also ensures consistency. For a product launch, media and other constituents will all get to see the release at the same time.


  • Cheap: Would you rather spend cash on traveling, lodging, venues and meals or stream at the comfort of your home? Most of these costs can now be eliminated through the power of web streaming. The cost of web streaming is also potentially less than those associated with satellite radio subscriptions and buying CDs.
  • Connect with your audience: Your online audience can remain as engaged as if being present for your message’s delivery. The server that hosts the live video streaming can be set up so that people watching from other states can write in questions and receive live answers. You can even track student/viewer participation and performance, thereby improving transparency and accountability.


  • Smaller environmental footprint: Being a good corporate environmental citizen can not only be a competitive business advantage, but more importantly, we believe is the right thing to do. Given the virtual nature of webcasting, you can reduce the environmental footprint of your event and business.

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  • Quality of output: Webcasting provides for good quality audio and video broadcasts.
  • Convenience: On demand programming can be listened to in the comfort of your home or office. In addition, presenters/instructors can deliver from anywhere.


  • Richer content: There is a wide variety of content to choose from. With webcasting, you have the flexibility of combining various presentation methodologies and multimedia. You even have the option of recording great videos for use indefinitely.
  • Broadcasting range: Webcasting provides for unlimited range in broadcasting whereas radio, for example, has limited signal strength.

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Versatile Photographers has the team and equipment that will not only give the best services, but also add value to clients. Our professional photographers and videographers are always in touch with the new tech and skills in the industry.

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