Tusks are for the Jumbo

We all seek to have a perfect set of teeth where none is missing and all are as white as the color white itself. Unfortunately we get into situations that see to us losing a tooth and what follows after that is a streak of low esteem but we eventually overcome. This is no different from elephants and their tusks.


Elephants wear their tusks as a sign of pride it’s what makes an elephant an elephant, even so, they lose their tusks. Some lose their tusks in fights with other elephants when protecting their own interests in the vast jungle. It’s no child play when two elephants go head to head the duel is only compared to two mountains fighting and when such happens loss of a tusk is inevitable.



A picture of a mono-tusked elephant at the Tsavo West National Park.    Photo: David Macharia

Old age is another cause of tusk loss. Just like we humans grow bald and loose some teeth when our age is advanced thus a jumbo that has seen many seasons and has traversed the plains of the savannah from corner to corner owing to its age is bound to lose a tusk.

The third and most inhumane way that an elephant loses its tusk is through Poaching, this has rendered the jumbos less beautiful. Poaching which is considered as a crime entails the killing of the elephants and getting of their tusks. Some jumbos are lucky to escape with one tusk where the result is as seen in the picture.

Tusks belong to the jumbos and if they should lose them it should be through old age.

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Story by

Kiiru Tyson

John Njoori

Versatile School Of Photography Student

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