Turning Photography passion into a career by Joe

Staying focused like the camera is my pride.

I am Joe Njenga, a photographer and an artist. I was at Versatile Photographers from July 2016 to December 2016. In the first month I started my internship at Versatile Photographers and at the same time was a student studying photography and videography at Versatile School of Photography.

I chose Versatile because they have more than 10 years of experience in the field and they use high-end equipment to train you. During the course of the six months I learned a lot, I was first introduced to the basics of photography which were important to pave way for everything that I would learn along the way.

Away from the classes I worked at the office where I was taught how to edit using photoshop and Lightroom before giving clients their photos. I was introduced to the various important tools you need to use for face retouching and color correction.

I also observed how they were taking photos at the studio and from that I find out that photography is not just about clicking and capturing an image. It consists of so much more, things such as exposure, focus, how to pose the client, composing the image in the frame and getting a quality photo.

The photo editor is never known, but he never misses behind the scene of a good photo.

With various running projects such as AfricaGenesis, Save Wildlife and Africa Stock Images and Our Leaders, you can find a place to fit in where you can showcase your skills and what you are good at. I went for exhibitions with the SaveWildlife team where we would showcase the images taken by David Macharia and sell them to raise awareness about wildlife and culture.

Every minute spend at the studio, in the field and in class always taught me something I did not know. I also learned about the equipments you will need depending on the type of photography you want to specialise in. I worked with the team outside the studio, where we went for home shoots and outdoor shoots, this was a very enlightening experience that changed my life.The team is also very friendly and I was never afraid to ask questions and learn from them.

I found my place behind the lens.

My biggest challenge during those few months was perfecting my editing skills and having to be in the office by 8am and leaving at around 9pm after my classes. My passion for photography grew stronger by the day and I realised that I could turn my passion into my career by doing what I love, doing it well, being professional with how I treat my clients and how I work with my colleagues.


So,you can also turn your Passion into your Career?

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  1. Joyce Kagiri

    I attest that Versatile has given you a great opportunity and seeing you work makes me proud.

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