Tips to sharpen your photography professionalism

You can make millions through photography but the biggest query that must be broken down is how to get there. Ideally, you can’t call yourself a professional photographer if you don’t think out of the box. It takes hard work and a creative mind to come up with witty ideas. The common notion of calling every photo professional is a fallacy which is killing the lucrative photography industry in Kenya.

How do you become an outstanding photographer?

Master your skills and gain some experience.

Naturally, one does not become a professional overnight. Photography is wide and you need to establish a ground in a particular field and that is not an a sap thing. Well, many photographers are going to school to expand their know how in the industry. As a beginner, you need training and possibly watch tutorials from established photographers around the globe.

If you have a camera shoot until you discover the worth of your photos.


Have a professional website

A website will communicate on your behalf 24/7. In this digital age people tend to Google everything and if your site is fully optimized, your work will pop on the first page under Google result. Most photographers develop two websites, one site will work as your portfolio and the other will outline your work as a photographer and your office.

Professionally, your business site should have your catchy photos which must be categorized i.e portraits, wedding photography, commercial photos and wildlife. The site should also have your contacts to enable clients call or send an email at any time.

Have a good relationship with event agencies

Have a relatively good relationship with event agencies and PR firms in the country. Besides referrals from clients, event organizers are also good marketers because they interact with people everyday. Always endevour to be the best in your town. To be the only photographer in people’s phone book.

DSC_9363 copy


Social media voice

In this digital age, social media is the key to everything. On Facebook alone, more than 500 billion people log in to either be educated or get a know-how on trending topics. So, if you are a photographer, Facebook is your niche for success. For example, in December last year, I got more than 200 clients from Facebook and my social community grows everyday.

My advice, create a page and upload your best photos on the site. Besides Facebook, other platforms like Instagram and Twitter are good to build your market base.

Julie Gichuru

Public relation

If you are a photographer, your oral skills should also complement your photography professionalism. Most white color clients look for many things besides pictures. First, your dress code – are you that guy who goes for shoots with trousers hanging below your knee? If the answer is no, how do you dress up? Personally, I have to look sharp with tailored black suit to create a massive impact – Versatile Was Here!. Ordinarily, my location is my office and the official look must be on point.

The way you talk to clients also matters a lot. Don’t show your pride before them…your phone must be off and give them the priority they deserve. In addition, make sure your language is polished, foul language will never help you.


Remember, Ansel Adams said. “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”





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  1. what are those camera!! i am amazed

  2. professional website are costly.. can i use

  3. Photography is not just about cameras, gadgets & gismas. Photography is about photographers. They add life to pictures. Packshot & Still has some of the best professional photographers.

    1. I just want to say that I am so greatful for your advise. I am miheclle73ism and I have not bought my cricut yet. I was very concerned about just the mat and how long it stays sticky. I just wanted to know can even fabric be used even after tacky glue has been applied to make it sticky again? I hope that you understood my question. If not let me know and I will ask it in a different way. Thanks

  4. Having a good relation with agency is very much important for all the photographers, specially for the wedding photographers. Along with that social media interaction is also very important. Thank you for providing all other tips here as well.

  5. As a new photographer got a piece of information on photography professionalism. I hope it will help to achieve professionalism on photography. Thanks for providing a good resources.

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