The Shea Moisture Launch In Kenya.

The unveiling of a new product in the market calls for celebration and hype to announce the arrival of a guest,this can be equated to the birth of a child.where such an occasion is greeted with pomp and color.


Such was the case on the 26th of September year 2017 at Du sit where Shea Moisture was being launched into the market through its official Kenyan distributors Lintons beauty.



The story of Shea moisture is one that moves souls,where a 19year old widow with four kids to cater for decided to make Shea butter which she sold to fend for her kids,now the same product is being produced at a large scale,to cater for natural hair.



The evening begins with a signing ceremony where the agreement was put into thing about corporate officials that is notable is their modesty,they enter a room and say hi to everyone something that I found very humbling.



“Hi how are you doing?my name is Roger,whats your name?”

The signing goes ahead with a few speeches here and there highlighting the journey it took for the deal to be struck.I t is quite appalling to realize that as much as the deal includes loads of money what led to it are some of the simplest things like etiquette and presentation of self at such meetings.small things do matter after all.



After the signing was done the attendants headed to a party where David Macharia of Versatile photographers was the official photographer of the event.Ladies with all natural hair graced the event looking splendid in their dark hair.


In my opinion I think it would be very nice for ladies to wear their hair as natural as it can get,forget the weaves and the wigs there’s a certain sophistication that comes with natural hair,and don’t we all love sophistication?

The evening eases on with good music mixes from Dj Joe mfalme, he is truly king,as most of us attendants moved to the music.



Documenting such an event by photography is a move that promotes the brand being unveiled and creates the necessary publicity for the product,and what other photographers would do a better job than Versatile photographers?



By: John Njoori.

For: Versatile Photographers.

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