The Nairobi Greenline Trust, on 24th of September allowed people to partake a walk in the park. The walk included walking for 11 km in support for the protection and conservation of the park. It was a major turn out as most companies showed up as early as 8pm ready to do the walk.

The walk arranged under the Nairobi Greenline Trust, was a worthy cause seeing how much people cared for the survival and protection of the park and all in it.


APA Insurance group walking in Nairobi National Park.

Gayling May the Chairman Nairobi Greenline Trust- enthusiastically talked on the importance of protecting and conserving wildlife and their habitat, encouraging more people to always be concerned in the protection of wildlife.

Wildlife is a heritage to any nation. It’s a beauty worth conserving and protecting. It’s sad to imagine that come 50 years there would be no elephants, lions or even monkeys to see in their natural habitat but only get to be told of stories of how they were killed.

The ecosystem will be imbalanced without the wild beasts that keep diminishing with years.

Most companies, NGO’s  and  individuals showed up in support of the conservation and protection of the Nairobi National Park, to walk the 11km and also plant trees.

dav_8339A family participating in the Nairobi Greenline walk in Nairobi National Park. 


Copy Cat Group participating in the Nairobi Greenline walk in Nairobi National Park.


A family planting a tree in Nairobi National Park.

The sad part was being told of how the Standard Gauge Railway will have to pass through the park. To confirm if this were true, we were taken to see for ourselves and true to the words its already reached in the park.

As far as we love progress and development, the Standard Gauge Railway passing through the park is a bad Idea because of the following reasons:

  1. Scare away the Animal

Wild animals do not have more than one home where they can vacate to like humans then return after a hiatus. All they have is the park, with encroachment and now allowing the SGR to pass through their habitat they are going to migrate.

  1. Makes the animals more vulnerable

The Nairobi National park was a land selected, fenced and guarded for a reason. To protect the wild animals. Allowing the SGR to pass through the park only leaves the animals at the mercy of the poachers.

  1. Danger Alert

We have already scared the animals with electricity fences that by now they have learnt to adapt to, why still put them in danger with trains.

There are probable more reasons as to why the SGR should not pass through the park but those are the major reasons.

The Nairobi National Park has been in existence since 1946, its the only Park at the borders of a City, unique and beautiful in its own way, lets not encroach it but rather protect and conserve it for generations to come.

Versatile photographers initiated a campaign called #WorthMoreAliveExhibition, that focuses on wildlife, conservation, tourism and culture. We stand for the protection of wildlife in any form, in support of this, visit our studios at Hazina Towers 9th floor to take a photo with pictures of different animals in support of the protection of wildlife and caption it with a message to protect wildlife.


Mercy Wambui in Versatile photographers studio.

Let’s save wildlife, lets save our ecosystem.

Author: Sarafina Robi.

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