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Versatile Photographers has various products including studio shoots, wedding photography and Corporate events.

Family & Baby:Its worth having memories of your loved one every time you look at their images on a picture. We are dedicated to make this possible to many families who only take a picture when they attend a friends wedding on a certain event. We do baby and family photography in our studio or at home at your comfort, with the help our portable studio and much training of our crew in South Africa we give you out standing portraits that reflects yourself on the image on your wall.

Product Photography:We have ventured into the world of business and realised that quality pays. Quality is the key to good sales henceforth we have invested in good cameras to handle Product Photography.We have worked closely with well know companies i.e.

Fashion Photography:Times are changing and fashion is not only about buying an expensive jewel, a well-taken photo can give you the real look of an item no mater the nature or the prize.

Adverts Photography: A good photo can send a clear message even without being accompanied by words.

We have unique and durable albums where we arrange your wedding photos in order of events to give a story of your wedding. We create a digital album with customized slides and background music of the wedding photos. We choreograph photos for couple with the family, relatives and friends during the photo session. We don’t miss any moment of the day we begin photography from the bridal and groom’s preparation at home. We believe wedding photography is an art where we use a mixture of creative artistic photos to capture the spirit of events to make a fairy tale wedding.

We have ventured into the corporate world and have invested in high-resolution cameras, which give you crystal clear Images. We do outdoors and indoors Corporate Portrait Photography. Photographing portraits in a studio environment with a background requires more lighting equipment for best results. For out door corporate photography you need a good portable studio.Indoor corporate portraiture can be a challenging experience, especially when the task is to photograph people in their work environments. When presented with a glassy room with white walls and dim light reflections and outside light we have invested with the right equipment to contain these challenges.

Executive portraiture
We provide corporate head shots that may be used in company brochures, on websites and in annual reports as well as formal wall-sized portraits for offices and corporate galleries.

Hotel Photo Shoot
The Hotel industry has grown big worldwide and Versatile Photographers has grown along it, capturing the nicely setup tables corporate events, dinner sets and other events.Sceneries that are very attractive to tourists are easily documented with the help of our portable studio.

Social Events
We have had extensive experience in covering social events such, graduation ceremonies, birthdays and Anniversaries. Apart from wedding photography we also document memorable moments such as this that can refresh our minds of every stage we have grown from.

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