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If you are starting an eCommerce store, you will need these two things; a responsive website and killer photos.  One may have a good website with the best widgets and a beautiful theme, but the site might be useless if a person does not invest in good photos.

Anyway, that aside – if you are a photographer, how can you get incredible product photos? And if you are an entrepreneur who happens to have a camera, follow these tips and you will be able to take good photos for your website.


Work on the lighting

In photography, lighting is very important. Most photographers take advantage of lighting to get creative shots. But something I have seen over the years; natural light works best for any type of photo and should be used whenever possible. Ideally, shooting your photos in the early afternoon will grant the best results. What matters is not only the quantity of the light, but the uniformity of distribution as well.


According to Wix, hard shadows are created when the size of the light source is small compared to the size of the subject. Conversely, soft shadows are created when the size of the light source is larger than the subject. For your needs you want to aim for soft shadows so go for big windows or the outdoors. To avoid a hard shadow, use a flash diffuser. A flash diffuser can be created by taking a white tape or a white plastic bag and attaching it to the flash of the camera.

Choose a neutral background. (Black or white)

The product should be the main focus, and this can be enhanced when you choose a clean white background because it creates focus on the object. In photography, there’s something called infinity curve – this enables photographers to shoot products against an endless white background that reveals no horizon in the back, only a clear view.


You can achieve this if you use a piece of white paper or fabric and bend it to create a curve.

Avoid shaky shots

Nobody likes blurry photos, as you take a picture, even the slightest vibration or movement can cause motion blur. In addition, the closer you get to an object the more obvious the motion blur becomes. A tripod will assure you remain stable as you take the photo. Even an inexpensive tripod will make a big difference in the sharpness of your images.


Be natural

Don’t confuse people; take photos of your product next to an item that will help people relate to it in real life. For example, if you are taking a photo of a shoe, show it on someone’s feet. Essentially, potential clients will get an idea of how the item will look on them and also, it could show the type of target audience you’re aiming for.


Capture the details

Women always look for finer details in dresses. To be specific, when you are shooting a wedding dress, make sure you get all the small buttons and jewels attached to them. Ideally, most cameras have a close-up setting that you switch it to when you are taking a closer than standard photo.


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