Photo Kenya Masterpieces nominee

Photography in Kenya is growing very fast therefore calling for platforms and sponsors to reward the talent. One of the platforms is Photo Kenya Masterpieces which recognizes exemplary and creative photography work in Kenya.

The organizers spiced up the competition by introducing amazing prizes like certificates, trophies and many more.

Moved by passion and creativity, many renown photographers in the country have participated in the competition raising the scale high.

One of the nominated pieces is Mr. Macharia’s mind blowing wildlife photo. The photo has so far attracted fans on social media platforms who would like to create impressive portraits and stories.


“After a long day shooting at Tsavo we finished with shooting sunset and packed our cameras.On our way back to the camp we discovered something crossing the road but it was almost dark.Our driver said that must be a leopard.We urged and he switched off the engine only to find a long tail in the thicket.I got all my cameras setting wrong since i was shooting sunset. I always teach my students learn your camera well, with the second turn I managed to capture the leopard and it disappeared in thicket. It made my entire Tsavo adventure worth. One of the most selling canvas piece. SaveWildlife is a campaign that was initiated to create awareness for the fast depletion of wildlife, not only in Kenya but around the world.” Macharia wrote.

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