Outdoor Family Photo shoot

At any age you can have fun and that’s what my lifestyle and outdoor shoots are all about. Outdoor locations work really well with little ones, as it gives them the freedom  to play and move around they get too excited and very easily distracted hence giving me an opportunity to capture candid shots as they happen.

Meet  the Mugendi’s. I have had the pleasure of working with Tiri and John since their wedding in 2010. I already count myself as part of their family.  I hope you enjoy.


DSC_5858 copy

 Yes, and we have a new member of the family joining us pretty soon. 🙂 🙂 

DSC_5865 copy

DSC_5918 copy


Ever asked a three year old to smile? If you have, you know that you generally end up with something more like a grimace than a grin. They’d rather be running around and playing, so if you’ve convinced them to sit still for a minute, chances are you’ll end up with a cheesy smile or a grumpy look. Stacy is not  camera shy, show her a pose and she will definitely do it.

DSC_6447 copy


Shhhhh…..listen to the birds sing.



Surrounded by love. I love this shot!

DSC_6072 copy

DSC_6066 copy

Tiri asking Stacy  to feel the baby kick. I just had to capture that moment.

DSC_5917 copy

DSC_5943 copy



DSC_6013 copy
DSC_6568 copy


DSC_6233 copy

So during the shoot, they decide to try select a song that the little one will like.
So during the shoot, they decide to try select a song that the little one will like.

DSC_6417 copy

DSC_6821 copy



When it got super hot, they decided to cool off with some ice cream and Stacy took the first lick!

DSC_6359 copy

Daddy took a bite as mummy and Stacy watched!


DSC_6039 copy
#Whilebusyshooting# My assistants are trying out the guitar tunes

DSC_5722 copy    

And with this shot we called it a day! 

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5 Thoughts to “Outdoor Family Photo shoot”

  1. Violet

    thanks David,you are truly part of our family, the memories you create for us wit your talent and expertise, may you live to fulfil your dreams, may God bless the work of ur hands

    1. david

      Thanks Mugendis..Its a blessing to be part of your family..God bless you and I cant wait to for another photoshoot for baby Brian..

  2. Akinyi

    Very beautiful pics. I will definitely get in touch for an outdoor family photo shoot

  3. Chris Wanga

    Am in love

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