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Most people in the village or popular towns don’t know their leaders, let alone their manifestos. This has attributed to poor voting processes. Truth be told, few Kenyans know their actual MP’s or county commissioners.(The writer included). But we need to change as a society and know who we elect. This can only be done if our future leaders come out and express their ideas publicly.


Versatile Photographers has a solution that can sort things out. We have the best initiative that can put our leader’s name in the public domain and make it easy for people to read and view their respective leaders. The initiative is dubbed Our Leaders and below is a rundown of the project’s services and prices.



The leaders are given a wide range of promotion and branding;
a) Executive Photography either in the state of art studio or on location
b) Designing for E-Fliers
c) A talk show in the studio and/or location

d) Design and printing for the posters an fliers
e) Web development and design
f) Marketing on the Digital platform via Facebook, whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, websites and

g) A special Feature on our website

These products will have the leader’s manifesto, slogan, projects and an infomercial listing all the merits the particular leaders has.

The Finance model


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