Its graduation day!

Hey Congratulations! You just made a step without noticing, an achievement and a leap to pursue greater things you’ve always dreamt about.5  Dr.Nairuti Victoria, Medical graduate Kenyatta University 2016

Now before your four years or five years friends become busy with life, its time to create memories with them. Right now, you’ve no baggage at all, except for the student’s loans. On 15th of December glimmering faces of beautiful young energetic ladies walked into our studios with the news of graduating to be doctors the following day from Kenyatta University. Amazing news!

4Kenyatta University Medical graduates 2016. From left, Dr. Liz Maina, Dr.Zae Mwandoto, Dr. Kerina Esther,Dr.Mitei Mercy, Dr. Nairuti Victoria and Dr. Barasa Judith 

To help this ladies create memories, before they embark to their missions as doctors. We decided that for all the work they had gone through to be able to finish Medical school they deserved more than just normal pictures. Thus we made them get a feel of the state of art as a group and also as individuals with the amazing photos of the packages they had come for.



Dr.Kerina Esther, Medical graduate Kenyatta University 2016

It’s quit a joy to see your photo framed up on the wall next to mommy’s or daddy’s or even your sisters and brothers.Apart from that, ten years from now or even twenty, you would not want a torn dusty album of your beautiful pictures having missing photos. At versatile we create beautiful state of art albums with strong covers that you will be able to view come 30 years from now.

One thing though, that is for sure with most of the graduates is that immediately after graduation you’ve no idea what to do with your life.

All you want is money, instant gratification!

If you’ve done Journalism, you want to be Oprah the next day.

If you’ve done Law, where is the Chief Justice’s seat located?

If you’ve done Engineering you want the government to give you a KICC and make you the main manager ASAP!

If you’ve done Medicine, you already want to be the Cabinet Minister for Health!

Relax, all this people you idolize had their oven moments where they were prepared to be the beautiful cake with icing you see and want to be.

Now is the time to attack life with the vivacity needed. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about a 5-year window period to venture into whatever aspirations you’ve always wanted to do with no fear of failing. I agree with him, you are just fresh from college. Your mind is like a  twig, its going to be bent by winds of all seasons and later on toughen with age, but with experience gain momentum and immunity against lots of things.

6Kenyatta University Medical graduates 2016 From left, Dr Barasa Judith ,Dr Liz Maina, Dr Nairuti  Victoria, Dr Zae Mwandoto, (Seated from left) Dr Mitei Mercy, Dr Kerina Esther and Dr. Clara Wanyonyi.

Try and be limitless, explore, devour and try out all those things legal you’ve always wanted to do.That naive mind you have always had of expecting a call from the gods to be a CEO of your imaginations, drop it!Here is the deal you are now facing the world. Choose what you want to do with your life.

After my graduation I was scared as hell! JUST LIKE YOU.

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