My Photoshoot experience

After walking for almost an hour looking for a place, I felt sorry and a little stupid for myself after reaching there. Versatile Photographers at Hazina Towers, a route I often use but for some reason that day it had skipped my mind. The moment I got inside their studio, I got carried away and forgot about my tired and hurting feet.

The reception itself shows you on what to expect. The show case on their screen on the few projects they have done makes you want to be a part of them. The office itself takes you to another world. You find yourself in a safari, in conference, in the beach and at a certain point you end up planning your own wedding in your head.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I got to the room where all the magic happens.”The Studio.” The staff was up n about doing their work. Me being a model for the day I just sat there staring at everyone like I was in a cinema. The Photoshoot had already started. The cameras were all set and everyone knew what they were doing.

It was now time for me to be worked on. As usual the make-up artist did his magic on me. Once he was done I couldn’t believe it was me. I felt like a Barbie doll but I loved it. The photographers captured every moment at their best I even felt like I was in a reality TV show.

I was now working with the main man, founder n CEO of Versatile Photographers, Mr. Macharia himself. Just from the description from other people he was a professional photographer and the BEST one. All the shoots he took made me love what I was feeling. Personally I’m not photogenic, but working with him and the rest of them made me totally fall in love with photographs. I was feeling like an international model.

The whole shoot was awesome, the cool music, being directed on what to do, interacting with them, cracking jokes, I felt relaxed even all the tension inside me had already faded. At that moment if I told someone I’m shy they would not have believed me. All the serious faces when the work began turned into laughter. You would have thought we were an extended family in a gathering and they were reminding each other on the past and craziness they did.

Versatile Photographers is a place that gave me an amazing feeling. The shoot was a thrill and not to forget on the aftermath eating to our fullest.

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  1. CEdric

    the girl i am seeing in these pictures is very cute and lovely….can i be allowed to meet her for a photo-shoot in Diani for the weekend. please come with your best photographers. I WILL PAY WELL.

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