My class at Versatile School of Videography

What I like about a camera is that it captures a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

                                                                                            -Karl Lagerfeld

6pm.Thursday. 9th floor of Hazina Towers, Nairobi CBD. The videography class at Versatile School of Videography is minutes away from starting.

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The lecturer introduces himself and we all realize that he is a renowned documentary videographer. A gentleman who has managed to traverse many parts of the world to document stories that are aired all over the globe.

Interesting thing fact about Versatile school of videography is that each particular topic has a specific lecturer dedicated to it. You know what that means? It means unmatched excellence from the best

The class starts off by introduction from every member of the class. Any attentive student can comfortably write a paragraph or two about another student. The level of interaction amongst us is also heightened.

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Usually it’s a three-hour class, till 9pm. But you can never tell how time flies until the lecturer announces that the class is over. The session is more practical than theoretical. The school understands that any theoretical material can be found online. But what lacks is expertise and experience. Having practicing videographers teach us, we get to hear their stories, their mistakes, their success and regrets. Far from that, the school strongly appreciates the traditional method of learning and that’s why notes are sent to the students’ personal email addresses.

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The level of experience in the videography world have informed the school’s selection of gear that is conducive and up-to-date to the fast-paced run-and-gun style in the filming industry.

We not only learn about videos, we learn life.

I am a student at Versatile School of Videography, and this is my story.

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