Let’s celebrate our fathers

Father’s love is very important in a kid’s development. My father taught me many things that I will never forget in my entire life. I remember being shown how to ride a bicycle and repair broken stuff in the house. Most importantly, he taught me how to approach girls.

Versatile Photographers CEO with the 'Boys'
Versatile Photographers CEO with the ‘Boys’

We also went to jail together. My father likes driving very fast and one fateful day; we took our wrath on the road, or rather our hunger for speed on Mombasa road. We forgot about the police cruiser and traffic lights – we wanted to enjoy the ride. Well, we never got far, the police escorted us to the police station and locked us for a whole weekend.

The father knows how to pose the kids, but this kid is shy
The father knows how to pose the kids, but this kid is shy

Researchers found that, overall, the love — or rejection — of mothers and fathers equally affects kids’ behavior, self-esteem, emotional stability, and mental health. “But in some cases, the withdrawal of a father’s love seems to play a bigger role in kids’ problems with personality and psychological adjustment, delinquency, and substance abuse,” says study coauthor Ronald P. Rohner, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. And for others, the presence of a father’s love may do more to boost children’s sense of well-being and improve their emotional and physical health.

The father is always a hero.
The father is always a hero.

Ideally, fathers provide kids with a broader diversity of social experiences. They also introduce them to a wider variety of methods of dealing with life. They tend to stress rules, justice, fairness, and duty in discipline. In this way, they teach children the objectivity and consequences of right and wrong. They give kids insight into the world of men.

Father and daughter having fun in the studio
Father and daughter having fun in the studio

Fathers prepare their kids for the challenges of life and demonstrate by example the meaning of respect between the sexes. In connection with this last point, research indicates that a married father is substantially less likely to abuse his wife or children than men in any other category.


According to psychologists, fathers encourage competition, engendering independence. Mothers promote equity, creating a sense of security. Dads emphasize conceptual communication, which helps kids expand their vocabulary and intellectual capacities. Moms major in sympathy, care, and help, thus demonstrating the importance of relationships.


Dads tend to see their child in relation to the rest of the world. Moms tend to see the rest of the world in relation to their child. Neither style of parenting is adequate in and of itself. Taken together, they balance each other out and equip the up-and-coming generation with a healthy, well-rounded approach to life



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