Ken & Joy Engagement

As a professional engagement,wedding and portrait photographer based in Nairobi Kenya, I meet couples who either opt out of engagement photo sessions or neglect to realize the importance of engagement photo sessions. Couples either think its an expense or they will be forced to disarrange their upcoming wedding budget.

The reason as to why I always encourage my wedding clients to undergo an engagement photo shoot,this is to get to know their photographer well or rather they may get to decide which photographer is to cover their wedding.

I got a big opportunity to work with Ken and Joy during an engagement photo shoot, I must say it was a foremost and fun experience that captured the magic of love they had for each other.

Here is Joy’s story on how they met. I enjoyed their story and I hope you do too.

“True Love is like the refrain of a beautiful song”


Joy:Who knew that a “silly” campus flame would abound and grow into eternity.

Our love is filled with music, dancing and laughter-things we love in equal measure, which join us.

From the first day where we bonded for 12hours in campus (from 9am), talking and laughing as the hours flew quickly….To endless evenings in the music room where he played all my favorite songs on the piano and taught me even more….To going out to listen to jazz music in the bistros and cool hangouts of Nairobi (clearly the love for jazz has spilled over to me)…To stealing an hour to dance both salsa and the silliest of mugiithi moves on random week nights…To the spontaneous weekend trips and drives: a shared love of travel and adventure…From young, carefree students, to young professionals pursuing demanding careers, sharing our vision, daring to dream…. To fighting, forgiving, loving, committing daily and eternally. Here’s to having a friend who is always there, always plays for your team, lovingly corrects, always supports, fun to be around.

The Proposal: I was playing beach volleyball over Easter, next I saw was a mic in hand, a speech I only caught parts of, and ending in a day where he “Karaokeed” for me  Pure bliss, sweet joy…



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DSC_9403 copy

And it’s a wrap people. It was so much fun. Stay tuned for their wedding photos. Be blessed.


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  1. Lantana

    Nice but should have done some in colour. Its a beautiful place even at night.

  2. hallo.
    what are your rates for an engagement photo and does one need to book in advance?

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