Jeff Kuria

Jeff Kuria, the 3o-year-old founder of Hafla Entertainment. Jeff Kuria  is a MC,Actor, Radio Presenter, Director and Producer. On the Entertainment scene he is Best Known as a Radio Presenter working for Inooro fm, Kikuyu Radio station and Tv Station owned by Royal media Services.


Jeff’s journey started back in 2007  after finishing his college, when he took up a career as an actor for Kenya National Theatre and Mangoma Players. Sooner than later, he ventured into a career as a Radio Presenter which has enabled him to mingle and learn alot from many people, traversing many countries around the globe.

Growing up in Kiambu County,Kabete constituency now Kikuyu Constituency after the new Constitution,Young Kuria learnt a lot from his Grandparents especially his Grandmother who was a Business lady. She Introduced him into Business now known as Entrepreneurship at an early age and was able to understand the Profits and losses.They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in this case they were absolutely right.

One day we went to Gikomba market and after selling managu’s and Terere’s for about ksh 200 I was able to purchase my first book which taught me a lot of lessons in Business (Rich Dad Poor Dad).

The Journey in Entrepreneurship for Jeff has been long, interesting and an eye opener to him as a Person,  having done all types of Businesses from after school eg from Farming to selling Charcoal, Parafin, Boutique, Selling second hand clothes, CarHire, selling cars, Video Production to Photography.

 Jeff’s Breakthrough came when he started Mceeing in Different Occasssions on 18th August 2007 when he was paid as an mc in a certain wedding in Ndumberi, Kiambu County. The Bride and the Groom had their own service provider for sound and Deejay even after intervening they dint listen to him,The DJ was playing his own songs and entertaining his own crew, after the wedding an old lady walked to where Jeff was seated and questioned him,

Kijana mlikosa wimbo hata mmoja ya harusi mumetuchokesha saana

This made him think about his Future in Business after trying to explain himself to her but his points fell on deaf ears which made him feel very guilty. Since being mc who is the overseer of any event, so if it goes wrong you take the blame that got him thinking really hard.

After attending a few events he noticed there was lack of Professionalism and they had a lot of events every weekend in Nairobi alone and after testing the market he noticed they needed more Professionals

Mine was very simple solve people’s problems as I make money and more of passion and getting quality service of course at a Price. I purchased my first Sound Equipments Speakers,Microphones,Mixer and Deejay players. And I started giving a package for all weddings inclusive of Mc,Dj and sound.

As the Brainchild of Hafla Entertainment, his company started from Doing one event every weekend to doing more than 10 events every weekend,and as they say the rest is history

Along the way he has met a lot of Business people such as  S K Macharia, Danson Muchemi of  Jambo Pay, Vimal Shah, George Wachiuri and also learnt a lot of things like Network marketing through joining BNI East Africa and also Events Companies in Nairobi. To Top it up, he enrolled and graduated with a Course in Entrepreneurship with Centonomy and since then, he has a Mentor who walks with him every step of the Way and advices him on how to go through his business.

Despite his successes, Jeff Kuria made some missteps and experieced Hard learnt lessons along the way. Looking back, he shares his lessons learned, ranging from starting out as actor to a Radio Presenter to now owning his own Entertainment company, Hafla Entertainment.


The Kenyan Mindset

  • Over the Years people and especially in Kenya dint know more about paying for services offered and it has been very hard for us in Service Industry many are the times we have done events and the clients have either refused to pay or they go missing after the service has been delivered. Most of us believe in Tangibles eg a Product but not a Service.
  • It has been a challenge and especially for our Staff who need their money at the end of every month,another thing is about getting good workers who are committed to work,this is more of Team Work than any other thing.
  • Most of the workers don’t understand the need of retaining the older customers and looking for new customers as well.

The Hidden Truth

  • We also have a lot of Quacks in the Industry and people opt for those because they are cheap. As one of our Technicians would say sound doesn’t mean that it’s the mics and the speakers it entails a lot of fundamentals clarity and audibility.
  • In addition, We also have a lot of thieves stealing equipments either in offices or on Location so there is need to Insure your Expensive equipments and most of them pretend to be customers and they give good offer that you cant resist.

The Digital Age

  • Marketing has also been a very huge challenge to us and especially in the Digital Era Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,goggle plus,Pinterest,Linkedin etc.

The Price Tag

  • Price has also been a challenge to most of the Clients just because they don’t know the meaning of quality services.

Our Goal

  • To give quality services to our Customers and Especially here in Nairobi and the remaining 46 Counties in Kenya.
  • To have advanced equipments in our Company (Hafla Entertainment)
  • Have disruptive ideas as well so as to grow our Company to be the Best in Kenya

The Advice

  • My advice to Upcoming Entrepreneurs just know why you want to be in business whether to is to solve problems,passion or make money.
  • Have strategies in your company and look for people whom you have common objectives.
  • When hiring look at what the person is cabable of doing rather than the Papers
  • Have a Mentor.


Thanks for dropping by Jeff Kuria’s Entrepreneurial Journey, the Founder and Ceo of Hafla Entertainment, an Events Company which is a sound solution Company providing Sound, Deejays, Lights, Deco and Stages. Finally, If you are looking for the best Mc’s in town, look no further or shout out @JeffKuria

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  1. Muiru Rahab

    Jeff you are such a blessing …cannot stop envying you…my role model n mentor you are. Keep up the spirit.

  2. penny

    I lyk ua courage bro. Give praise to God knwing that u av passed alot of challenges n stll u doin it wel.
    Kip up my dea

  3. paul gitau wanjiku

    I will step back to replace u bro

  4. janet

    jeff hau niho tuuri,kiinyira hau

  5. Reizzie wanjiku

    can’t pretend that UA not one of the most important vessels in my life out of UA encouraging words

  6. McTerry

    Brother You have indeed taught me a lot as a Mentor,have been admiring how you package yourself both on radio and outside and indedd i can freely say “You can’t determine where to be born but you can determine Your destiny”.

  7. Referee Mwenyewe

    Brother, am happy about the steps you have taken in life. Sky is the limit. Malcom Forbes ones said, when you cease to dream, you cease to live. Keep up bro.

  8. Lydiah

    A very very inspiring story there Mister Jeff.It sounds like you had your own share of struggles before you got where you are.Now i know it is possible if only you have the drive.Keep it up Kuria!

  9. sammy mbaria

    jeff u r soo encouging GOD bless u

  10. Biddy

    Great bro u r going far

  11. Congratulations bro, you are my role model and i wish you all the best.

  12. james kagai

    big up bro Jeff, keep the fire burning you are going far

  13. Nancy murunja

    Hi Jeff may our Almighty God reward u 4 ur good job surely u r going far

  14. maggie

    Jeff u are seriously changing our life.go on and Jah bles you.we will live to remember you.

  15. I neva thought of u outside studio,wow! i think u should also glab talents in the “iichagi ini”thenx bro. get me also at 0735287854

  16. millie Anthony

    . I didn’t know you do other things outside radio. I wish our youth could follow your footsteps.

  17. joseph wachira

    i am joe wachira and i have the passion and interest to venture into media industry to reach out to the felllw kenyas..kindly i need the advice,help n support

    1. Hi Joe, its nice that you want to follow your passion, our advice to you as versatile photographers is that you can always find a way in doing anything when you’ve got the passion. Associate and surround yourself with people with the same goal, learn and perfect your skills, and you will be able to start your own empire, we are located at Hazina towers 9th, we have a photography and video school that we use to teach and mentor those interested in the field. You can always come by since you are welcomed.

  18. Peter gitau

    Jeff for sure your story shares an advise

  19. Ndirangu haron

    Very encouraging words bro,you are moving far and beyond just trust in God.
    Am a new gospel artist i sent my album to inooro fm but not yet played.please help me

  20. Simon

    I admire you big bro keep moving!

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