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Graduation ceremonies are very important in a persons life because it marks a big stretch in a persons life. To document this important event, one needs to have photos that can be used as a reference point in the future. Ideally, graduation ceremonies bring together family members to celebrate under one roof the success of their own; just like in wedding ceremonies, Versatile Photographers has placed enough effort to produce incredible graduation photos.


Typically, graduation brings feelings of happiness, relief and accomplishment. This day holds a sentimental value to every graduate and is often looked back to with fondness and memories of the emotion-filled milestone. Now imagine not having a graduation picture. Without that photograph to see or hold, the memory of a great day could easily be forgotten. Some people print as many copies of that photo to give out to family members and friends like post cards.


As Versatile Photographers, we offer professional traditional style portraiture, we have also incorporated a state of art studio that has amazing backgrounds. The backgrounds provide unique variety to our photo packages by allowing students to interact with backgrounds of special importance to their graduation.


Photographs are available as high quality prints or in digital format, ready to take home on the day of the shoot. With professional photography teams based in Nairobi, Versatile Photographers is always ready to offer exemplary services in the country.


Part of our package in graduation photography is framing, we offer a variety of beautifully presented frames that are available to take home on the day of graduation. The frames are modern and cuts across all generation because beauty doesn’t have boundaries.


Your graduation portraits are all about you and your personality. We only take our best photographers and train them individually on how to capture you at your best. They take a range of poses, change the lighting, backgrounds and props to make your premium portrait session as customized as possible. Most importantly they take the time to work with you, help you relax and enjoy your session to give you and your family memories to cherish.




Photos: Versatile studio photographer


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