Get The Spin in DJ Joe Mfalme’s Life

Joe Mwenda Munoru, popularly known as DJ Joe Mfalme is one of Africa’s finest DJ’s. Given to his continuous rise in the DJ industry, it picks everyone’s interest to get to know how his life has spiraled up in the industry.

    JOE POSING   DJ Joe Mfalme during a photo shoot at Versatile Photographers Studios

The suave Dj has this cool demeanor that’s like a magnet. This therefore attracted our attention to get to know more of him when he came for a photo shoot at Versatile Photographers studios located in Hazina towers 9TH floor.

The unparalleled DJ was born on 9th December1987. Upon coming of age he attended Consolata Primary in Meru, then went to Meru School and completed his high school studies at Moi Forces academy and scored a good grade of an A plain. This goes to show that the DJ is a smart genius not only in disc spinning but also in the books.

He is a tapestry of good attitude, genius mixes, and a drive to success in everything he does. DJ Joe Mfalme is a DJ, an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a businessman. His name is a company name that he registered in 2015 as JOE MFALME LIMITED.

At a young age of 14 he realized his love of dee-jaying. When he grew up he saw it as a good idea to turn his passion into a business.

JOE IN COMBATDJ Joe Mfalme during a photo shoot at Versatile Photographers Studios 

Unlike most DJs he has never gone to a DJ academy. This is because back then his parents did not know about it and he didn’t have enough capital to buy his own equipment. Therefore he became the hand boy in the already established studios like MoSounds so as to be taught how to play music and business ethics in the DJ industry.

His greatest challenge was capital. With discipline in savings from the little gigs he did, he managed to acquire enough capital to buy his own equipment. This he says requires a lot of patience and discipline.

Being an entrepreneur his got quality merchandise, which he has come up with. The collection consists of sports jackets, crop tops, t-shirts, caps, Marvin’s and camo jackets that come in a variety of colors. This he said will be on his website for sell to all interested clients.

MODELSModels dresses in some of DJ Joe Mfalme’s new sports jackets

To add up to his many awards and nominations, 2017 has started with some good luck for the DJ, as he has been nominated among the top 100 most influential young Kenyans in the lifestyle category by Advance Media.

With all this in one cup, it requires a lot to remain grounded and in the lane so as not to fall out. One of his greatest mantra is having a positive attitude. Being a DJ fulltime makes it his business to run it with the right attitude in order to succeed.

Apart from that, he acclaims that mentors are equally  important in every journey. This are people who show you the way and keep you going even when the way looks so bleak. Some of his mentors include Big Kev, Kev Mulei of MoSounds and Dj Pinye.

JOE IN BLACKDJ Joe Mfalme during a photo shoot at Versatile Photographers Studios 

To all he said, “Think of how you can grow everyday and how you can convert your talent into a business.”

His time at Versatile Photographers studios was a fulfilling one and entertaining as well, given the fact that he is a very social person.

SQUAD 2DJ Joe Mfalme and his team during a photo shoot at Versatile Photographers Studios

To all, we are located at hazina towers 9th floor. We offer all genres of photography throughout the week including weekends. In addition to that we also have a school of photography and video where we help talented and people with a passion in the two to perfect their art and grow.

To DJ Joe we wish him the best in his business venture and Art As a DJ.



















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