Executive Portraiture

A high quality executive or professional portrait is a necessity in today’s business world. Social media has changed the landscape dramatically. Meeting a new prospect? They’ve likely done their homework and viewed your website, your Linkedin profile and several other online sources to find out more about you, prior to the meeting.

When your portrait projects confidence and professionalism, those seeing your photograph can’t help but notice and be influenced in a positive manner. That’s why a professional portrait is one of the best investments you can make to boost your career.

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The actual portrait session – sitting in front of the camera, requires only a short period of time. Many business clients don’t have the time in their busy schedules to travel to a photography studio. That’s where you’ll love my “On Location” service. I’ll come to your office and set up my portable equipment allowing for a professional executive portrait to be taken on site quickly and efficiently.

Often, companies will schedule time to have all their executives and key people in the office photographed in this fashion. It saves everyone travel time and requires only a few minutes of each subject’s time away from their desks. In addition, photographing at your office presents a perfect time for an executive group portrait.


It’s in your best interest and that of your career, to present yourself to the world when you look and feel your best. That’s what I promise you, you’ll receive. An executive or professional portrait you’ll be proud of.

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