Essential benefits of a family photo gallery

Each family should have a photo hanging on the wall. The photos represent many things about the family and visitors can appreciate a family’s state of art. In addition, it stores the family’s history which is a good therapeutic factor in sustaining a happy family.


Ideally, most parents always shy away from approaching professional photographers to take good family portraits; they believe that it’s expensive, but we cannot snub the fact that memory can only be stored in a photo album and photographers are the people who can document a life on a mount or a piece of paper.


Here is a rundown of the reasons why families need to take photos:

Photos celebrate our heritage and roots

In our house, we have an old black and white portrait of my great grandfather hanging on the wall. Well, that’s the only vintage property my family owns. The photos act as an appreciation of our ancestors who brought change in our lives. It acts as a reminder of our family roots which was great. In addition, it builds a family pride and self esteem in a way.


It signifies importance

I presume there’s a reason why girlfriends save their boyfriend’s photos as screensavers or profile photos on social media. You cant save a strangers photo on your phone unless you have a special feeling towards the person. This applies to family photos because a family hangs photos of loved ones on the wall to signify love and appreciation. So, its important for families to come up with good portraits and albums which can be used to beautify the house.


They share a story

Everybody loves to share their stories; these narratives represent a family’s past memories, present realities and future prospects. Personally, I love watching the younger version of me. I was huge, with white eyes that popped out every time I saw food. My parents took advantage of this by giving me food each time a photographer came at our place. I miss those moments.


Family photos comfort you

My grandfather was my best friend. I often wish he could be present to witness all of the joy I’ve experienced since she’s been gone, but the photos in my home remind me of the sweet memories we shared together. Photos keep our memories alive. If you have a good memory that you wish to store; store it in a photo album.


Beautify the house

Beautifully mounted photos bring out the best piece of art. Most families prefer photos hanging on the walls because they tell family stories.






Photography: Versatile Studio Photographer(Ng’ang’a)

Sincere thanks to the beautiful family that allowed us to use their photos

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