It’s the 1st of October 2016 and what a day to celebrate the milestones that have been covered by Global Give Back Circle and all its supporters. It was a beautiful day covered with pomp and glamour. Jubilations could be felt in the air as everyone was filled with an unexplainable joy.

          starehe Starehe Girls  center matching in Educate her parade

  Functions like Educate her parade are always done to help raise money in support of the girl child’s education. This was specifically to help raise money to fund the rescued girls from west pokot to go on with their studies.All the sponsors and supporters of the Global Give Back Circle came in full swing to contribute money and support the rescued girls in West Pokot.


It was such a joy for the girls to see some of the girls who have made it from the program like Mary Mwende, Sara Muthoni, Faith Chepkiror, and girls form Starehe girls center.

Margaret Thatcher says,”If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” Seeing and listening to the global give back circle beneficiaries was phenomenal.


Mary Mwende speaking during the Educate her parade function at Karura Forest.

This was a great motivation to the girls as the beneficiaries also shared powerful messages, some which included, “Be accountable of the decisions you make.”

In attendance were the beneficiaries and benefactors, from the Global Give Back Circle coordinators to many companies and non governmental organizations like, KPMG, KFFL, Africa 24 media, Monsanto,Mabati Rolling Mills, Microsoft, Acwict, Zep-Re,Karen Bixen Camp, World Vision, Safaricom, Sarova Hotels, P&G, Andela, Transcentury, Kick Start Kids, Internationals, Heshima, Shofco, Kenya Girl Guides Association, Violets of Newyork,Earth University,Charters High School ,Vision 2030, Peace ambasadors Kenya, Versatile photographers, MPESA Foundation Academy,PWC, Rotaract Club-University of Nairobi and Starehe Girls Center.

It was a day filled with joy since there were lots of activities for both the young and old.


Andela group participating in the tag of war

Some of which included tag of war, bouncing castles, races, dance and lots of interactions.


Kids having fun at Educate Her Parade event.

Its now a song to sing and say, when you educate a girl, you educate the community. For she will be able to take care of not only her family but also the community.Global Give Back Circle empowers the girls by not only giving them sponsors to fund their education but also mentors to guide them and inspire them to be great leaders in their communities.


Girls from the Mpesa Foundation Academy matching in Educate her parade event.

Listening to the story of Faith Chepkiror and how she overcame a lot of challenges to where she is was a moving story. Faith and other beneficiaries like Mary Mwende who has now done her masters and is paying for her sisters who are doing other degrees was very moving and inspiring.

Sheryl Sandberg says,”We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.”  This is true,because women especially in the marginalised community do no get the chance to even go to school. They are always enslaved in outdated cultural practices thus end not amounting to anything but struggle to survive.


Starehe Girls Center matching in the Educate her parade walk.

Lets join hands and educate her.She’s a woman, she deserves education and empowerment.


Sarafina Robi.



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