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Photography should never be taken for granted because it’s a full time job for many people across the world. In today’s politics in life and unpredictable livelihood that either lead to disastrous results or happy endings; photography is the only gift that stores the truth about the photographer and a model. Last week, Versatile Photographers organized a relationship session where photographers were taken through ethical ways of approaching clients and other photographers in the country and it turned out, there’s more in photography than just taking photos.


On a lighter note: Have you ever heard conductors calling themselves “professional conductors”? Leave alone conductors, most people will never hold the title “professional” because of their nature of work and the way they interact with customers.

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However, as a photographer I am proud to call myself a professional photographer because my work can be presented in the White House and mounted in the oval office. What about you?

These personal development strategy will help you as a photographer:

Brilliance is built 

Nobody is born brilliant. In basketball, one has to learn the basics before making a slam dunk or rather becoming a coach. In the learning stage players always find it hard to adapt and enjoy the game. Just like sports, photography can make one miserable because you have to take bluish photos before capturing incredible pictures. Ideally, everybody has the ability of becoming brilliant in any field, but it takes patience and hard work.

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Learn something everyday

Education should never be ignored. Photographer’s education should be fun, try new skills from your friends and colleagues because photography is a process.

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When it comes to hobbies, we vary in our commitment to study. There are plenty of people who only do photography to wind down on the weekend and get away from the stress of a professional career. If that’s you, don’t worry, as I often say, Learning should be Fun.

Excellence inspires excellence

Never belittle yourself in any given situation. Surround yourself with excellence and be inspired everyday from what you see and hear. Involve yourself with the best in photography through online forums, practicing photographers and books.

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Excellence allows you to set the bar for yourself and establish a standard for which you aspire. I don’t mean to offend, but if you surround yourself with mediocrity, it will drag you down and create a that’s good enough mentality.

A good inspiration will help you develop critical judgement in themes, moods and forms of expression.

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Evaluate yourself

Should I buy another camera? Should I add another lens? If these questions start disturbing you, thumbs up. Why? You are now growing. The muscle of a photographer stretches forcing one to try different types of shots and styles.



Before you capture everything in the house or edit every photo in your card, ask yourself why you took that photo. Why? Before you click the camera, learn how to distinguish between an image and a breathtaking view. Don’t just click.

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Speak photography language

Only photographers use technical language to describe photographs. Shutter speeds, exposures, apertures, noise, depth of field, etc.


According to Alister Benn, when you make your images, concentrate on the adjectives. If you make an image to be moody, you can bet the viewer will think it is moody too. Advertising agencies do this all the time, they manipulate their viewers with subliminal messages in film, photographs to make them more likely to buy a product.


Start creating your own stories and document your unique features through photos. This can be done through learning new things everyday like how best can I use the natural light to achieve a certain aspect or which angle can I place my camera to create a given view.


Discipline and impression





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