We are at Daystar University to cover the Centonomy campus edition; ready with our gears, we meet some of the students wearing T-shirts written, ‘IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, IT’S ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE’.

I’m thinking, ‘what madness is going on around this place?’

Then I overhear one of the ladies wearing the T-shirts persuade other students to go for the meeting saying people were being given money, free money! I’m thinking if this is true, the heavens had just heard my prayers.

Turns out, there were millions being given out, in terms of ideas, mind opening ideas on everything you have ever wanted to hear as a wakeup call.

11Spotlight PR Group Daystar University

In attendance was the virile Centonomy trainer Waithaka Gatumia,Versatile Photographers CEO David Macharia Mwangi,the talented one man guitar-Kevin Gachago and Centonomy alumnis.

Money jargon isn’t something that massages your brain muscles, especially when its mid-month and you feel like there is someone slowing down the month.

Turns out, this Centonomy speakers not only had the capital talk but also astounding public speaking skills. They engaged the students in the most fascinating ways possible.

22Centonomy trainer Waithaka Gatumia

Looking at the Kenyan school system, where we are baked to be employed rather than create jobs, the talks were the right amount of opium to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit within the students.

In Kenya right now, the rate of unemployed youths keeps rising every day, since there are no entrepreneurs to create jobs but people to work for the entrepreneurs. To be an entrepreneur means taking a risk, which most people are scared of, but are ready to work for the entrepreneurs.

One is afraid of taking a 2 years risk but ready to slave for more than 10 years.

44Daystar Students at the Centonomy campus edition

From the mind opening talks, turns out the main illness that eats us up is the finance knowledge. From savings, investments, identifying assets from liabilities and making the right decisions.

If you stopped working today, will you still live the same lifestyle you are living after ten years? Sounds almost impossible, but after listening to what Centonomy had to offer it seemed possible and a factual reality.

In life, some of the main factors that differentiate entrepreneurs from those that work for them, are fear to take risks, ignorance which is brought about by lack of knowledge and the worst part is trying to seek for people’s approval.

55The CEO Versatile Photographers -David Macharia

Among some of the golden tips given to the students was how to create value on oneself. When one knows their value, uniqueness and strength, they are able to capitalize on it and money is no longer a problem since it will follow them rather than the reverse.

Creating assets that will sustain your income and maintain your lifestyle, was the main theme of the meeting, encouraging the students to take bigger risks since with higher risks come higher returns. At their level the first step they could take was sign up for Centonomy classes and broaden their knowledge on finances.

From the talks, it was evident that everyone has the ability to create wealth, but the information to create the wealth isn’t available. Centonomy is a bridge between you and the lifestyle you want to live.

77From left Centonomy trainer Waithaka Gatumia, Spotlight PR, Versatile CEO David Macharia

Paul Coelho The Zahir says, “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.”

 It’s not about the money, it’s about the lifestyle.


Sarafina Robi

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  1. Vivianne

    Brilliant!… It’s not about the money,but the passion to make a difference as well.

    1. Hi vivian, exactly the passion is what drives us.

  2. Faith

    It was n amazing event and from the few tips I got, I definitely look forward to making real serious money.

    1. Hi faith, thats a nice decision.always good to make progress and development

  3. Chris Mwangi

    woooow I love this article… its an eye opener to me and to all youths of this great nation Kenya. ‘its not about the money…’

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