Can you see the gift?

We are given a lot but we always press shift,
there’s so much to appreciate but we move in a swift,
leaving them go down in a drift,
leaving them in pain with a pierced sharp shaft,
who will see the gift for us?
who will open our eyes and enable us unwrap the God given gift?


They can’t fit in our jeans, neither can they be carried in our wallets,
they can’t be stored, neither can they be exchanged,
they have a life that should be treasured and loved,
they have a sense of beauty that must be protected,
they preserve our heritage,


They come in many colors, red is the best,
but in Tsavo they are left to waste,
as guns click releasing bullets that cut deep in their chest,
chasing away visitors from the West
at the same time benefiting men from the East,
the gift is left rotting to no existence.


The continued persistence and consistence from poachers,
is a sign of cruelty, brutality that drains our nature into a site of silence,
a silence that will leave our children question the existence of our heritage,
a silence that will leave the remains of our elephants written on books and published on Google,
a silence that will see Kenya undergo an economic crisis,
this silence must be dealt with haste


For the future generation that might not be given the gift when they wake,
they should know this gift is too big to make the ground shake,
not just the ground, even the air can shake,
it can walk miles with its huge stake,
its intelligence make everything around it seem fake,
and everything is too beautiful for it to take,
it’s creation I bet it’s not a mistake,


The current generation needs to see the gift,
we need to care about tomorrow by saving the wild,
and rebuking those who see profit above God given wildlife,
rebuking those who put greed above need and using the animals as credit cards
for their daily needs.


Let’s see the gift because to save wildlife and God given nature, is to save the world.
Let’s become part of the solution and not the problem because when the rivers stop flowing, when the trees are wiped out and the wild dried up; man will realize that money is not edible.


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