Art of a Versatile Photographers student: Part 1

Ring ring*3my over the horizon alarm persistently made high pitched irritating noises in my ear. I wish I had a remote control to snooze the thing. Waking up early is one of those things that the body can never adjust to. However, I don’t know why it’s easy to wake up early a day when you have nothing to do. Weird right? So, the alarm continued to ring until the phone fell from the table, it was as if it had a mind of its own and pushed the phone off the table intentionally. The dreams were awesome that morning – it was all about Explore – learn – Inspire…Versatile School of Photography.



Ten minutes later, I had to say goodbye to my bed. I had confused reactions, my heart accommodated a huge bulk of joy because later that day my videography skills were going to be sharpened. On the other end, my brain was still asleep, well, trying to wake up. Who wakes up at 3 AM on a Sunday? Technically, it was a disaster filled with buckets of manna from heaven.


Ideally, photographers and videographers have a duty to wake up early because stories are built every second. Life never goes to sleep, the camera doesn’t have a mouth that can order you to stop shooting. It takes discipline and hard work to make it in still and motion pictures business. So, if you want to make it in photography or any other field, learn to wake up early and be persistent like my alarm.

AKW_0371 copy

Time wasn’t on my side. I hurriedly did all my morning rituals like showering and dressing up. Basically, most men don’t have advanced morning hackathons to program their body for the day – a shower is enough. Without forgetting, going through the Facebook and Instagram timeline to check what’s new. After 30 minutes I was ready to hit the road and start making history. I knew from the skills I had acquired from my incredible teachers will build up a masterpiece.


The morning scene established a different level of perfect stillness. The breeze numbed my legs as I walked from my house. It was a peaceful Sunday and the birds made it holly with their morning hymns. From a distance, the dew made the grass glisten and the cool condensed vapor landed on my nose making everything moist and cool.


On location, everybody was on point and the cameras blew my mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera – those things are insanely priced but worth every penny. Our teachers were smart as usual with their gear ready to lead the way. Anyway, just to be clear, the students seemed more experienced than the teachers since we had humongous cameras and lenses.

DAV_9550 copy


Morning photos are always perfect because of a number of reasons. The angle between the sun and the earth’s surface is small which allows the sunlight to flow over the landscape in a way that intensifies the colours of nature and also creates spectacular shadows. However, we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the early morning sunlight. The sky was covered and the buildings were foggy. The conditions were a plus to us and we got a chance to play around with some settings on the cameras.


Ideally, fog creates a mood which is classic and can work to your advantage if you know your way around a camera. Foggy conditions reduce contrast hence images might look flat. However, quality increases with distance; closer objects maintain more color and contrast while color and contrast drops off rapidly the further away you get from an object…thank me later for that witty explanation.

DAV_9638 copy


Truth be told, that was the best morning ever. Everybody was exited and wanted the day to be a little longer so that moments could be captured. The best part is working closely with your teachers to achieve something, well, everything is easy but favors a prepared mind.

DAV_9654 copy

I can’t type the whole experience in one article – the rest of the day will be shared in Art of a Versatile student Part 2. Watch the video below to have a brief idea of how the day was:

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