The 14th of January 2017, Versatile Photographers main studio, conferred their students with certificates in Photography and video production. This year’s graduation theme was changing lives through photography. This stemmed from the founder and CEO of Versatile Photographers David Macharia Mwangi. The latter is a skilled and talented photographer who has not only built his foundation but helped lots of renown photographers in Kenya and beyond scale up in their own worlds.


Versatile  Photographers CEO  and founder David Macharia.

In his speech, the CEO’s happiness was written all over his face as he congratulated those that were graduating, and told them to venture into different fields that have not yet been pursued. The best thing in photography is to find your niche and run with it. Being an entrepreneur, he encouraged most of the graduates to start their own businesses. He did not miss out on telling them that there will be lots of challenges but what’s the journey without the bumpy rides?

In attendance were lots of speakers who encouraged the graduates to now wake up and smell the coffee.

It’s in changing lives and touching lives that we find fulfillment. Creations and inventions are what make the world a better place. We dream to see our dreams come true but never get the chance to find the right place and people to propel and be the wind beneath our wings. When an opportunity comes by and gives us the chance, it’s a first step that not only gives us the drive but also forever stays with us.

magret kimani 5

Margaret Kimani Senior Manager in charge of Education and Students Banking at Chase Bank, giving a speech during the graduation ceremony.

Speaking to some of the graduates you could tell of their joy upon graduating.

“Ever since I walked into this place my mind and creativity has continuously grown and heightened. Being at versatile school of photography has been an eye opener for me, of exactly what awaits me in the world.” Said one of the graduates.

As much as we need doctors, lawyers and teachers, we also need tutors to guide us into delving into our talents and creativity spheres.

students 4

From left Versatile Photographers CEO David Macharia ,posses for a photo with 2016 versatile school of photography graduates.

It was interesting to note the number of ladies that were into production, those that were into technical video production and photography. As the event carried on, some were even capturing the moments. The quality and creativity in their photos was too epic!

As much as the ladies were up to the game, so were the guys. One of the most remarkable students was Sam Mutembei who together with his partners has already started his own empire, Creative Lab Africa. From the skills acquired from versatile school of photography, they are doing an amazing work.


From left,Patrick Kanini, photographer and tutor at Versatile School of photography, Sam Mutembei graduate Versatile School of Photography

Even though, some had their own fears, they were reminded from a Japanese proverb that says,” The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”

Everyone or at least most people have mentors. It was utter joy for the CEO to see his mentor Joseph Mathenge, as much as his mentees were full of appreciation of him giving them a platform to see their dreams start a journey with the resilience needed.


From left,Mathew gathua CEO Valentine Cake House, Regina Re , CEO and Founder Versatile photographers David Macharia

We congratulate the 2016 class, it was an amazing year for us to see you gain skills and grow, and we wish you all the best in your endeavors. In the same breath with Napoleon Hill we reinforce that what ever the mind can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.

If you have always wanted to do photography or video, and want to improve your skills, worry no more. Versatile school of photography located at Hazina Towers 9th floor will equip you with the right skills to enable you chase your dreams.

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