Amazing benefits of photography

Many companies in Kenya don’t indulge photographers in most of their meetings, conferences and events. Photography is the real deal in digital and print media marketing. In addition, other benefits are also enhanced through photography and video.

The world is turning visual and people no-longer judge the book by the cover because branding has taken over the marketing field. Companies that appreciate photographers always come up with best marketing strategy to attract clients. A good example is Safaricom, the company has many artsy initiatives that run through every generation. The company always commission photographers in the country who come up with the best pictures for their calendars and advertisements.

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The benefits of corporate photography include:


A company that has executive portraits will be appreciated by many people across the world because people will be able to associate themselves with the employees. Public perception and relation should be managed using your photos. If the images on your website aren’t uploaded correctly, or are of the wrong composition, you will lose the investments of your consumers. So while it is easier to take a photo on your phone, it is essential to remember that a professional photo will increase your business’ profits.


Presentation and documentation 

With the help of technology and cloud services, it’s easy to create power point presentations using pictures. These pictures can be used in conferences and AGM meetings by a company or an association. Normally, a printed document that has pictures will attract many people and the brand will be built. In addition, the photos can be used in drafting proposals that can be sent to other companies.


Photography documents a company’s journey

Some companies started as a kibanda in a shanty or a kiosk to a company. It’s advisable to document this journey so that clients and investors can have a clear picture of the company’s success stories and failures. This is also essential in determining if the company has met its goals and objectives.


Photography inspires imagination

In my office I have a massive creative portrait. The photo is inspires my employees to work and achieve the company’s objectives which is being the best photography company in the world. To add on that, clients always feel the touch of professionalism in my company.

Elephants can never attack if you keep a distance
Elephants can never attack if you keep a distance

Besides corporate photography, the art as a career has other benefits. The merits are influential to other people and photographers also gain skills that sharpen the craft. The benefits include:

Photography helps an individual connect with nature

The serenity that nature presents can only be documented and stored in an album; whether you believe in God or not, you can’t help but feel a stirring at the beauty surrounding you. If you view the world through the lens, you can view the finer details and understand how micro organisms survive under green leaves or on tiny holes.


Photography is a mind and self-esteem booster

My hobby is taking pictures and going through photo album. I can spend the whole editing a photo or taking random photos and my mind always respond positively. Essentially, photography being a form of entertainment it enables your mind relax as you take or view photos.

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