Africa Genesis TV, is a new Online TV started by Versatile Photographers in Kenya.Its main aim is to promote entrepreneurship, leadership and mentorship through photography and video.

On the entrepreneurship part,Africa Genesis Tv, highlights the stories of upcoming entrepreneurs and those successful ones who have gone through lots of challenges but never gave up.Since Its every persons dream to see their businesses converting into companies and eventually chains of businesses all over the world, Africa Genesis TV aims to take you through what other entrepreneurs have gone through to be where they are now.

Daymond John-CEO FUBU
In order to help the upcoming entrepreneurs we help them understand that success is not a lottery game unless you got a lucky card.
Most young people want instant success, they don’t want to fail in one thing 3 times and still go on. They easily give up and start looking for shortcuts. All they always see or want is the glory and not the hard work and determination behind it.
Take for instance Daymond John, all that people know about him is that he is the CEO of FUBU, he is an investor, author, motivational speaker, America entrepreneur and a television personality who appears on the ABC reality television series  Shark Tank.Little is known about how he worked to be there including selling hats which is a noble business.
Africa Genesis TV tells stories and gives tips to mould upcoming entrepreneurs into being better and successful.
Caroline Ngina-CEO Miss Clean
Within Africa Genesis TV is a project called Our Leaders that aims to sensitize the public about leadership and the agendas that they have in their areas of service. Ranging from religious leaders to political leaders and eventually the executive, this is a project whose main mandate is to tell the story of our leaders through photography and video as well as being role models to upcoming and aspiring leaders. People aspiring to be leaders come and tell not only what they can do for the people but how they can bring change in their communities.
Hon.Jamleck Kamau-MP Kigumo Constituency
To get good leaders with the mission to serve and bring change,the Our Leaders show aims to bring out the best of what a leader oughts to be.
In addition to that,in this era where everything is happening so fast, its leaving young people confused on what direction to follow. There are so many things that leave young people vulnerable to being misused and not achieving their dreams.College student graduate only to come and end up being jobless. With that they start to look for shortcuts that end up cutting their lives short.To help salvage young people in all levels, from primary schools to university level, Africa Genesis TV has come up with Mentorship programs that focuses on morals and decision making so us to guide then in the right direction.
Students from Gaitheri Secondary School.
We visit schools from primary to colleges, institutions and organizations with the mentors to help mentor and bring out the best in people through video and photography.
 Tony Dorsett says, “To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” Why not be that one thing that will change someone’s life?
Aspire to inspire or mentor someone in whichever way you can, for that will make a difference.
David Macharia-CEO Versatile Photographers
You can contact us through our social media platforms AFRICA GENESIS TV or reach us via mail on to help bring positive change. If you wish to partner with us or be a mentor in the three categories-Entrepreneurship, Leadership or Mentorship you can email us and send  small description about yourself for us to get to know you better.

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