Africa Genesis mentorship outreach – Ithenguri Secondary School

Students need to be mentored because only they have the power to control their future. This can only be done if renown creative minds can come together and inspire our bright students in the schools. Most kids always make poor career choices in life because they were never mentored or they never got a chance to appreciate the positive ways of life.

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Students showcasing their dancing talents.

Versatile Photographers under our leadership programs is running inspirational projects across the country. Recently, we had a great mentorship event at Ithenguri Secondary School. The platform gave us a chance to give back to the community and uplift our future leaders.

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One of the mentors ,Rosemary Njeri working with the Global Give Back Circle in West Pokot

On arrival at Ithenguri, we were welcomed by lots of great entertainment from the students. The students showcased amazing talent despite the fact that they are distanced from the city’s culture. They were well versed with what was happening in the rest of the country. This definitely shows the kind of students that they are. Definitely not ready to let the little hindrances to drag them behind.

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Among those present were Edmund Mudibo and John Wambugu among other pioneers of the mentorship program.


John Wambugu is an old student of the adjacent primary school and has taken time to give back to the community from which he has received so much from. He did this by starting the secondary school and bringing together professionals from the corporate world to act as role models and mentors to these students.


The main presentation was from Versatile Director/CEO David Macharia Mwangi who shared his life experiences. Definitely an inspiring story that showed that academics is not all that is required to be successful in life. He had to beat many odds to not only get an income but also to be an employer. A story that definitely needs to be shared with the whole world.


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David Macharia’s narrative focused on the need to nurture talents through creative skills that will later empower the students when they finish their education.

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We divided the students into groups so that the mentorship activity could be effective and one on one advises could be given. The students were mentored on Leadership, Time Management, Academics and Reproductive Health.

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The event was very successful and everybody got a chance to learn many things. The students were once timid and shy but by the end of the whole experience stories were told and encouragements shared. It’s important to note that their main fear was embarrassing themselves in front of their peers and they were able to beat this. This was definitely a moment of joy for all the mentors present. A breakthrough for all.

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Some of the students even did a short interview at the end, sharing their stories and encouraging other students to pursue education and to invest their all in it.


Success is measured through the small things that we do.






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