Africa Genesis documentary in-making

Camera, sound, action! The director of photography was unsettled as ideas flew through his mind – wait a minute, who was the director again? Africa Genesis crew placed their heads together to come up with the best interview shots for an upcoming project; #AfricaGenesis. Well, everybody got their gear together and adhered to the stipulated procedures involved in film making.



Now, before we indulge in serious business; let’s chit-chat: I have never used a dolly and a dolly rail before and Africa Genesis opened up an artsy opportunity. It’s not that we don’t have such equipment in our studio, but the rail was a new experience which is supposed to be adapted by everybody in film industry since motion pictures are supposed to be brought out in the best way, and Africa Genesis houses an exemplary set. At this moment I would like to brag a little:



“We have a Camera Dolly which is a tool for capturing smooth and dynamic video footage. The Revolve system can create a wide variety of tracking shots and rotational dolly shots as well as dynamic time lapse and stop motion photography. It is compatible with virtually any camera, and is suitable for use on all surfaces and at any location.”



Why Africa Genesis? ‘Birthed’ by Africa Stock Images, Africa Genesis is a revolution that is meant to take the entrepreneurship sector by storm. A group of upcoming entrepreneurs or rather established witty business men came up with a platform where entrepreneurs can narrate the stories. The same stories will uplift the youth who are struggling in the village or downtown to earn a living.



I believe if God has blessed you with both ears, eyes, legs and hands; you have a ticket of changing the world with a single word and a few steps from your comfort zone. So, what are you doing on a sofa watching cartoons? Anyway, Africa Genesis noticed the gap in entrepreneurship which is lack of appropriate mentors. As much as successful people have written books and documented their struggles up the ladder, there’s always question marks in those stories. However, Africa Genesis brings out their stories in the most realistic manner. A viewer is able to relate to the mentor’s story from childhood to the hall of fame.


The other day I was watching an animation dubbed; ‘Zootopia’, the main character in the narrative has traits that epitomize the highest sense of hard work. She is guided by a simple principle in song covered by Shakira. The line goes:

“I won’t give up…I wont give in, until I reach the end then I will start the again. I will try everything even when I know I might fail…”



What do you need to be part of this great revolution? Nothing, just your mind. We are simply looking for:

  • Motivational speakers
  • Business owners(CEOs kinda thing)
  • Pastors
  • Artists
  • Politicians

Together we can transform the world, right?


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  1. Vivianne

    Such a great initiative!

    1. Anon 2:27 is right, ipint ain’t that great anwyya.It’s more of an indictment of their creativity, how fresh can idea be if it’s been done before. As soon as they found out they should have walked away from it.Bad day for bmb

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