A Journey in photography is enjoyable not just the destination by Edu.

3It all began immediately after joining high school. My dad discovered my interest and decided to build it up. So when I came over for holidays, he would give me opportunities to go shoot in the events he had being booked for just to put my skills to practice. Capturing moments started becoming a passion built out of pure curiosity. Curiosity that came from watching my dad entering the darkroom and coming out with images.

1While in school the clubs that had most trips where my favorite. One being the scouting club. Lucky for me the teacher had a small camera that I borrowed every time we had a trip. My pictures moved the teachers in the school that they even decided to open a Facebook page for the school most of the pictures I captured would be posted. This gave me the motivation to keep on with photography due to the huge support I was getting both from home and in school.

2 (2)After my high school, my dad bought me a laptop and a modem to help me with my research work. I spent most of the time watching photography tutorials on you tube and later on doing them practically from a borrowed camera. My skills perfected more with each practice I made. One day I decided to find for a mentor to guide me through not only in the photography part but also the business theoretical part involved. I had decided to take up photography as a career.

My dad introduced me to Mr. Macharia, the CEO of Versatile Photographers. He was generous enough to invite me to his office to see what photography entails. His pictures were well captured with the perfect focus and could tell a story just by looking at them. That was the kind of work I wanted into display with my pictures.

2 (1)After getting to know each other, he gave me a slot in his photography and videography school. Versatile school of photography and video It was an opportunity that am still grateful about. The lessons were an eye opener to my career. This all motivated me to opening up my own company and marketing myself as a brand. The Victory Alpha Photography.

 DAV_9757To top it up I got a chance to work with Versatile as one of their photographers as I still learn more about photography Till now my experience in versatile is something that I enjoy each an every time with the way they handled me I have not only learnt on how to take epic photos but I have also learnt on how to be a professional in my work. The way to handle my clients, how I present my self to them and how I package my self . Now am aiming to becoming the one of the best photographers in the country.

A Journey in photography is enjoyable not just the destination.

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7 Thoughts to “A Journey in photography is enjoyable not just the destination by Edu.”

  1. Danny

    That story is awesome my brother…
    I also have a similar story
    Keep moving the journey is long it’s just a beginning. Kudos

  2. dj san

    Nyc bio.. ??????? NYC work @edu

  3. Julieann

    your story is amazing Edwin. You are going to be one of the greatest photographers. I have shared in your work and i know how passionate you are about your work. Am watching this space keep doing what you are doing.

    1. Aya,Thanks so much for the nice article! I think it’s just right. I’m also glad you mentioned “The Debt Coe18ctor.&#l22l; Katie, thanks for your nice comments!

  4. Monica kamunya

    That is beautiful and nice your story is so good and i believe many will know you.congrat for that big step you have taken i believe you will go far.

  5. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece on photography. I love the photos too.

  6. Gichuhi Kamau

    maaan….. gooo..go follow you dreams bro..

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