No management is as perfect as they portray to be, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but each day they work to be better. With the current era, we probably spend most of our times in offices than we do with our families. It’s close to impossible to let your mind agree that you’re now forming another family at the office, because of the people you interact with at the office. Picture Mary the admin always getting on your nerves with phone calls, John who constantly eats your food, Kevo the know it all, acting as though they swallowed google or some ancient encyclopedia, Sofia 411- gossip girl , and good Lord the accountant! You probably live for the weekend, you wake up thinking “when will I get back to my bed again? Dear Lord give me the strength”. But hey! That’s your other family. Find ways to bond and forget the bad moments.


Versatile Photographers team of videographers, Video editors, photographers, scriptwriters, marketers administrators.

These are the people who have mastered all your mood swings, Know you better than your own family thinks they know. Share some skeletons with you in some closet, share goals and ambition however obnoxious or scary they might be (like taking the CEOs place-the one who hired you!).These people know when you pockets are laughing and when your eyes are mourning,they even know the loss of the only money you had budgeted for a whole month (this world though!) because they know where it goes.

No matter how many times your paths have crossed, you will always find a way to build bridges. For in any family that people are truly open and surprisingly honest, there will be a lot of fracas. Because its family. When you stay with someone though, you get to understand them better.


Birthday Cake for the September babies.

September being a heroes born month-versatile photographers happened to have some of the babies born in this month. From the CEO himself, David Macharia to his five employees. Being family they set a day to celebrate. Share joy, laughter and create memories.


Versatile photographers 2015 September babies.

As a family versatile photographers celebrate birthdays together, every year.With the help of Valentine Cakes and its alumni like Artful pastries and Hope Cakes we have a share of their cakes every time a birthday kicks up.



Versatile photographers 2015 September babies.

Management is not a sip of coffee nor a bite of your favourite snack. It involves a lot than you can imagine to be able to control a bunch of grownups. Because all institutions are a tapestry from God knows what origin. Even though they may be there to pursue their dreams as they claim, they are all there in pursuit of money. But the greatest mistake as a manager is to see that. For as a manager you ought to focus on your goal, which is results.To achieve that you’ve got to treat your employees as family too. Share joy when there is joy and work when its time to work. For even the Good book says,’ There is time for everything.’


Versatile photographers CEO David Macharia and award winning photographer Willy Muturi.


So how do you get the results from your employees?

Answer: Management.

Having heard a share of our own ups and downs as Versatile we share a few management tips that have worked for us.

Scholars such as Fredrick Taylor with their theories such as classical management school, Henry Fayol with administrative management theory, Max weber with the Bureaucratic management, The 14 principals of Fayol, have all tried to break it down.


Versatile Photographers Video editor & Writer Sarafina Robi and Administrator Andriane Anne.

The Behavioral management theory though lays it out simple and clearly. Understanding people’s behavior. In the Hawthorn’s effect you’ve got to pay attention to people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior as a manager. Despite whatever conditions this greatly motivates employees to work smart and happily knowing that their employer cares.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, human beings have certain needs that act as motivators. From Physiological needs (food, water, shelter, sleep) Safety &Security (avoid threats and making employees feel safe in the office and at home while working, considering time), Love (Share joy and great moments at the office, makes employees feel a sense of belonging) Esteem (congratulate one when they do something great, this raises their self-esteem), Self-actualization(This is self fulfillment, a point where when your employees want to move on, you appreciate them and let them grow, allow them to buy shares at the company if interested)with this you get a happy and motivated group of employees.

A happy employee, keeps the clients happy.

As Versatile Photographers, we are happy to share tips of success, share with us yours too and we will be happy to implement and have them work for us. Happy birthday to all September babies too.

Work hard play hard.



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